NWR Jürgen Klopp - the best ambassador for Germany and Football

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  1. Mourinho soils the image of any club he manages. I feel your pain, John.

    Please tell more about the baseball bats in Manchester taxis. I'm intrigued!
  2. This was some time back, the first occasion was at Old Trafford and after Spurs drew we left the ground and were attacked and spat on by waiting Utd supporters, we got away and hailed a cab to the station rather than take a chance by walking, we related what had happened to the cab driver and asked is this normal, and he replied 'every game' and went on to describe how they hated fares from the local fans because of fights not paying etc and then showed us the bat.
    I only went twice more to that ground and each time a cab was taken back to the station and the cabbie was asked about carrying an 'implement' to defend himself, one had a hammer the other a large lump of wood.
    Things may well have changed in recent years as most of the fans do not seem to be local ? but I had no intention of finding out, not that places like Millwall are exactly Disneyland, oh and despite the Utd incident Georgie Best is still the greatest player I have seen.
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  3. Thanks, John!

    BTW On no account even think about going to an away game in Rome!
  4. John
    As a fellow Tottenham fan (season ticket holder for 40 years) I've seen plenty of this over the years. A visit to Millwall is never something to look forward to and neither are visits to West Ham and Chelsea.
  5. Klopp being Klopp. He wrote a letter to a 10 year old Manu fan.

    “The problem is when you are 10 years old you think that things will always be as they are now but if there is one thing I can tell you as 52 years old it is that this most definitely isn’t the case.”

    Klopp writes to Man Utd fan who told him ‘Liverpool win too much’
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  6. Very, very interesting insights&reflections by Jürgen Klopp after the match against West Ham yesterday. Starting 2:45

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  7. Call himself a manager - he doesn't even criticise the ref or VAR. Flippin' amateur! ;):D
  8. Jürgen Klopp asked about Coronavirus. What a great guy!

  9. What a class act. Very impressive.
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  10. Top man. Last 2 games have been a blip I hope. I do think he should have been there rather than on holiday when the youngsters played though. ( The Shrewsbury replay)
  11. I think they lost the rhythm after the short winter-break. On the other hand they often had a lot of luck defensively before the winter break.

    OR maybe the injured Joan Henderson is much more important for the team than we thought.
  12. I've supported Liverpool since 1977. Through good times and bad.
    Disappointed by today's developments. There are more appropriate uses of our tax receipts than helping Liverpool F.C pay their staff.
    This is a mistake and I hope they rectify it.
  13. Exacerbated by Everton deciding not to avail themselves of the bail out.
  14. Totally with you on this Ray. I'm shocked & stunned at this. A very, very wrong decision by FSG - can't think what they are thinking of - needs to be reversed asap. The gobby Americanised CEO who likes to sound off on Twitter needs to sort himself out. Am with Carra on this entirely. And, yes Mark, re The Toffees.
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  15. Well, I had sincerely hoped, but doubted, this would happen but the BBC reporting now, as breaking news, that Liverpool FC have, thank goodness, reversed their (imho shocking, just wrong at the time, and misguided) furlough decision & have apologised to their fans - who really got on the Board's case in no uncertain terms with influential fans group Spirit of Shankly writing to the club asking questions - and rightly so. Obviously just a massive 'shame' the original decision was ever taken in the first place - ridiculous. Right decision belatedly but reputationally damaging when LFC should be atop the moral pyramid.

    Peter Moore, the CEO I referred to above, for me will need to take a long, hard, look at himself. I wonder if his future in role will be in doubt & maybe when all this might be receding he might somehow exit the role.
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  16. This is good news and no surprise the SoS group got involved. As I said to Ray... this was not The Liverpool Way.

    There you go Ray... reasons to be cheerful this week!
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  17. Well that's the correct decision. A pity the damage was done in the first place.
    But it takes courage to accept you got it wrong and change course rather than digging heels in.
    (though reading the full statement there's way too much justification going on)
    I imagine the person named in this thread title had a great deal to do with the volte face.
    And the fact that almost the entire fanbase and ex players were apalled is a sure sign the owners rather than the wider club got this wrong.
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  18. any news on whether PL players will accept a pay cut? I do understand their point that the immediate beneficiaries would be the club owners .. but in these difficult times, insisting on continued receipt of a six figure pay packet every week is not a good look.
  19. Agreed 100% with every word Ray.
  20. I believe Kyle Walker has been removed from the disbursements committee.
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  21. Not directly J Klopp related but rather than post elsewhere here seemed appropriate for LFC interested parties.

    Tonight the Liverpool Echo is reporting Sir Kenny 'The King' Dalglish, aged 69, has posted positive for the coronavirus. Sir Kenny was apparently "admitted to hospital on Wednesday for treatment on an infection that required intravenous antibiotics. In-keeping with current NHS procedures during the COVID-19 pandemic, the former Reds player and manager was tested for the coronavirus. After the test returned a positive result, Sir Kenny was told to remain in hospital by medical staff despite remaining asymptomatic. Prior to his admission to hospital, Sir Kenny had chosen to voluntarily self isolate for longer than the advised period together with his family."

    Seems he's ok but for someone who was at Hillsborough sincerely hope he is soon well.
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  23. If you do not cry while watching Klopp’s interview you are not human,”

    Chelsea fan Krish/BBC Sport

    so true
  24. „In a world that increasingly shuns experts Klopp embraces them and not only physically. Whether tempting renowned backroom staff from Bayern Munich – head of fitness and conditioning, Andreas Kornmayer, and head of nutrition, Mona Nemmer – or appointing a throw-in coach, Thomas Grønnemark, having researched the Dane’s world-record throw on Google, Klopp has shown an effective leader does not have to be an autocrat in the modern game. “You cannot have enough specialists around you,” he said when explaining Grønnemark’s appointment in 2018. “I must always be the guy who makes the decisions on when we use all these specialists but you cannot have enough.”

    Another interesting article, especially in the rise of autocrats around the world.

    Trust, patience and hard work: how Jürgen Klopp transformed Liverpool


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