NWR Jürgen Klopp - the best ambassador for Germany and Football

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  1. Mark F let himself down with that comment and I hope he has a change of mind about it. There is no place here for such comments.
  2. Eh? That's really quite rude. As a supporter myself and having spent many a time in the kop the fans have always been of the most pleasant and good natured kind.
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  3. I think that as well as what he has done for football, for Liverpool and the players the way he conducts himself is a massive thing.. Wenger did it too - to some extent but differently - always magnanimous, generous, in press conferences he jokes about with the press rather than distancing himself from them. A huge contast to most other managers - particularly Ferguson, Mourinho, Van Gaal who are aloof.

    He also seems to have 'got' Liverpool like few before him have - more so than Houlier - playing the Liverpool way but also deference and respect - remembering Hilsborough, Heysel correctly - he doesn't play silly games with Everton managers or Manchester managers. There is a calmness and authority about him - Pep seemed to have it at Man City too - though that mask is slipping a little - and as a Gunner Arteta looks like having that kind of personality - whether he can coach as a number 1 of course is another matter!
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  4. I live and work with ‘scousers’ every day, and like all sets of fans there are some that let the club down, but in the main they are a good group of people. I have been to loads of Merseyside Derby games and the atmosphere is amazing between the ‘bitter’ rivals. I can’t imagine the Manchester derbies have such a friendly rivalry. I stood many times (years ago) in Gwaladys st surrounded by toffees and had a great time. Could I do the same in the Stratford end or the shed end at Chelsea?

    If nauseous is how some describe Liverpool fans I’ll take that over being called racist, which is still a problem going on in some clubs. That’s one thing we have never seen called.
  5. Mark F's comments were totally uncalled for. Someone used the expression 'Man Utd.' Again, not acceptable. Why can't some people follow a team without resorting to childishness or worse?

    The Man City fools in the corner of their ground abusing Man Utd's Fred was sickening, especially given the time and energy their very own Raheem Sterling has spend speaking out against racism.

    Still, thankfully things are much better in the dark days of the 80s and before. Progress is happening, but the fight goes on.
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  6. 12fa57fc69e84977547dee2a8116ae9d.jpg ???????
  7. As others have said, one of the things I love about the Klopp revolution is the style of play he has instilled - the high press, the crisp passing and the wave of red-shirted players that follows the ball upfield during not just counterattacks, but straightforward attacks. There's none of that pragmatic negativity that Mourihno excels at. I've watched more truly exhilarating football in the past few years than in the preceding couple of decades. Yes, it helps that we have a crop of incredibly talented players in the team, but the vast majority of them have had those talents unearthed under Klopp's tutelage, which is, once again, testament to his brilliance. Okay, that's probably about enough from me...
  8. Not a Liverpool fan, but he is one of a handful of managers that I admire. My wife who has no interest in football always comments if she sees him on the TV as too what a good manager he must be because he doesn't come across as an arrogant a......e!
  9. That's a little unfair. I don't think he was wearing a mask, I just think we are seeing another side to him.

    If Klopp wasn't doing very well I'm sure he wouldn't be so jovial and relaxed.

    TBH I thought Klopp was getting a bit too much praise when he first took over and wasn't particularly doing well. Not any better than recent previous managers. Obviously, over the last two seasons he's done amazingly well. If Man City hasn't been so phenomenal last season he'd have won the title then as well.

    But football fans are a fickle bunch and if Liverpool aren't fighting for the top spot next season sections of Anfield will no doubt be questioning his future.
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  10. I love the sheer style and quality (but more importantly, belief) he has brought to Anfield. What an amazing set of teeth too! :)
  11. He can kiss goodbye to that umlaut as well. Still surviving on the LFC website but long a thing of the past in the Daily Mail, Express, The Sun etc. Even the Liverpool Echo and the BBC think his parents made a mistake when including it.
  12. I really would expect better from the BBC. The others (bar LE, with which I'm unfamiliar) are par for the course. :rolleyes:
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  13. Perhaps the "ALT" key on the BBC keyboard has knackered again.
  14. Vividly remember HIGNFY gagging about his brother "Klipetty" which seems remarkably un PC for them, though I suspect the man himself would laugh it off as he would if I were to refer to him as David Wagner mk2 ;)
  15. I read an interesting anecdote about his motivation skills a few weeks ago. Firminho had scoring problems a few montags ago and he was totally devasted about it. Klopp then took him aside and said, don‘t worry, you are such important for the team even without goals. After this conversation he started scoring again.
  16. For anyone who doubts the unpopularity of Liverpool fans with other supporters, a simple google search should supply the reasons why, several of which are centred on the sense of entitlement, from supporters of a team, which has not won the domestic championship for a generation.
  17. Sweeping generalisations against a huge group of people spread across the world with little more in common than a love of a particular football team is faulty to put it politely.
  18. Why not take your negativity elsewhere. This thread is about Klopp not Liverpool supporters. Your comments are offensive and not welcome.
  19. Of course, unfortunately only trophies matters in Football.

    I Hope not. On the other hand good for us, Klopp would manage our national team. And we would win the World Cup again, 5th time.
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  20. I think Mark is demonstrating the widely held disdain among football supporters for those who support one of the big teams when they have no connection to the team's town or city.
  21. Hopefully still on topic, but I was slightly disappointed by JK's reaction to yesterday's FA Cup draw - I think most people were expecting a weakened team for the replay at Anfield with everything else going on (not least the slightly fudged winter break timing), but announcing in advance that it will be 'the kids' who will play and that he won't be turning up did seem a bit churlish on the night after everything Shrewsbury did.
  22. There is an awful lot of petty bigotry on the internet, if you like reading such stuff, then please carry on. However posting such comments here is not in keeping with the generally respectful attitude of this forum. Forumites value the civil discussions here.
  23. If that were the case, why is his nastiness aimed squarely at Liverpool.

    I think Man Utd fans are also hated by more than a few moronic fans. In fact, any team with a history of success will have its haters.

    And then there is local 'rivalry.'

    Chelsea have more than their fair share of haters, too. I think Lampard has been breath of fresh air with how well he has got his 'kids' playing. Pity* their results have dipped recently. I actually like the big teams to do well. They have the potential to play to the highest standards and provide great entertainment. Teams like Leicester are a welcome addition.

    *For the sake of football.
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  24. Anyone venturing into the world of football to make a comment on a manager individual player or team, should read the terms and conditions first, the vitriol on football posts is par for course, all the above are rubbish if they do not win every game and should be shipped out to Chateau d'If.
    Managers are like politicians, fail and you are rewarded with another post at the same or better rates, the mercenaries called players have an easier time they if they don't like their terms and conditions down tools or get the manager sacked at the same time ensuring their mafioso agent gets his exorbitant cut.
    Klopp may well be the flavour of the month, watch everything change should they go on a downward projectory, Planet Football eh !
    All fans have a core of imbeciles, some more than others, I wont go through all I know from past experiences as to their awfulness but in Manchester the cab drivers don't have baseball bats under their seats on match days as an in car accessory, and yes I have been shown the same.

    Me, I am immune from all this I just suffer in silence as Spurs fail yet again to win anything, but at least they have their own micro brewery to drown your sorrows in.
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  25. Football tribalism. Almost as bad as Musar cultism in my opinion.

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