NWR Jürgen Klopp - the best ambassador for Germany and Football

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  1. I have to admit that I am a Liverpool fan since 2 years. Of course because of Jürgen Klopp. I am still stunned what he has done in the last years in Liverpool in every aspect. Not only bought outstanding players like Alisson Becker and Virgil van Dijk, but also improved players like Jordan Henderson etc. and created an unique team spirit which he also had done with Borussia Dortmund. BTW, he has also introduced a food coach which I saw on German television.

    BUT most importantly I am such proud as he is the best ambassador for Germany I could think of. I am also watching his interviews&press conferences from time to time and I am deeply impressed what a passionate, humble, intelligent and balanced person he is. BRAVO

    I am quite confident he will start a new era in English football like Manchester United with Ferguson and the old Liverpool team did.
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  2. I've always like Klopp - when he was at Dortmund you could see this was a guy who was obviously very good at what he did, but also the way that he did it and the manner in which he deals with people is excellent. He is the anti-Mourinho.

    Indeed - an incredible ambassador for Germany - we are lucky to have him here in this country.
  3. Time will tell.
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  4. He and Wenger have probably done more to fight xenophobia in this country than anyone else. Indeed, a great ambassador for Germany.
  5. I'm a huge Liverpool fan and a huge Klopp fan - not just for what he has done with this Liverpool side, but for his huge smile, for the real affection he obviously has for his players, for his sense of humour, for his positivity, for his intelligence and articulacy. He's one of very few football managers whose post-match comments I'm actually interested in listening to - and I usually have a smile on my face while I'm listening to him. Just love him.
  6. We are very fortunate to have Kloppo at Liverpool FC. He almost went to Man Ure but his wife advised him not to go.

    Great guy, great team, great City.
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  7. I have been a Chelsea fan for 55 years and I think Klopp is outstanding in every way.
  8. Despite the humiliating defeat he inflicted on my team over Christmas (and we were only one place below them at the time), I have not only respect and admiration for Klopp, but I like the guy too. It’s how I felt about Ranieri and people like Graham Taylor and Wenger.

    In fact although I don’t support Arsenal I always wanted them to do well purely because of Wenger, who I felt deserved more success and was partly held back by the money going elsewhere in later years. I’m sorry but I can’t warm to some other managers at all.
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  9. Very much enjoying watching Liverpool, these players have incredible mentality, guts and bravery in excess of their skill.
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  10. Good to hear comments like these especially front non reds. I work in a big office in Liverpool and have a daily battle with the blue half convincing them of this.

    Naturally they want him to fail in every game. It's all in good spirits though.
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  11. Paul Jaines wrote:

    “He is the anti-Mourinho.”

    Well said Paul.
  12. sensible woman...obvs...
  13. You can only be impressed by what Klopp has achieved at Liverpool; they are so far ahead this season of everyone it's scary - to bounce back from last year like this is not something most people would have thought possible (especially with City's resources). How long he can carry it on for is something else, given the levels of fitness and tempo needed, but United, Mourinho and many others look miles off this pace.
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  14. Didn't mince his words about what a bloody stupid idea Brexit is either. Managed to express it in a way that even seems to have managed not to offend, too, which I guess is another mark of his people skills. Respect!
  15. Yes, I read his comments about Brexit. Well-spoken.
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  16. AND he drinks tea now in the morning. haha

    I read a few days ago. I guess he was a hardcore coffee drinker in Germany.
  17. I hope some day in the future (5-10 years) he will coach our national team.
  18. Hang on Martin, I drink (strong black) coffee in the morning. Wouldn’t dream of drinking tea (especially with milk) at that time. I only drink green tea now...post 2pm, with the excuse that it’s very good for my evil prostate.
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  19. Great manager, just a shame that he manages a team supported by the most nauseous set of fans in the UK and I include Jake from Milton Keynes, the United supporting armchair fan who one day hopes to visit Manchester.
  20. As you say, outstanding ambassador; IIRC Klinsmann was also an excellent ambassador back in the day.
  21. Yes agree with much of this. Lifelong Liverpool fan and he’s just fantastic it have in the country and so happy he’s there.
  22. Mark,
    This does not make sense to me...?
  23. Yes a great manager. I was at WHL to see them beat Spurs 1-0. They were a bit lucky on the day as Spurs had some excellent chances to score but I have to say that the passing and movement of the Liverpool players was just superb.It gave the impression of being telepathic!
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  24. I don’t get it either. Are you saying that all those that have said they are Liverpool fans on this forum, and that includes me are nauseous. Also who is Jake?
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  25. Again slightly bias as a Liverpool fan but he felt right from the moment he arrived, just a good fit in both his style of play and open (dare I say wacky) humour.

    On the down side it is impossible to get tickets to games now, even as a member if you don't have a Liverpool postcode.

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