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  1. It looks glorious. I am suffering from considerable meat envy, and will refrain from posting a picture of the vegan sausages my daughter has made on the grounds of taste and decency.
  2. You can do it Tom, now that we have somewhere for confession and absolution...
  3. Thanks Richard. They were organic new potatoes from Jersey, though not royals. Can’t remember the variety but can check when I go to the Unicorn in Chorlton next week which was where I bought them and let you know.

    Peeled and then boiled in well salted water. Cooled and then squashed them a bit. Heated a mix of mainly olive oil with a bit of butter in a 200c fan oven, put the potatoes in, turned them to coat in the fat with the pan on the hob to keep the temp of the fat up and then back into the oven for an hour or so until they look like the photo. Turned once after about 40 mins.
  4. They look good John, and I see you are lucky enough to be in the delivery area! Sadly it doesn't extend as far as Leeds...
  5. You could collect :D
  6. Hmmm - a 4 hour round trip to get a decent dinner seems a bit much even for me!
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  7. I gather that such trips were undertaken by some to celebrate the reopening of McDonald's Drivethru outlets.
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  8. A question born of ignorance. Regarding the short ribs, I note that some aim for an internal temperature of about 54 degrees - i think these are the quicker, more direct cooking styles - while others talk about mid 90s, perhaps indirect/slower cooking...We have just got our latest batch in. Last time I did the faster version on a gas BBQ to the 54 degree mark but was thinking of doing a slower version on BBQ if that is feasible. I guess I'm trying to understand the different temperatures under discussion, and also see if any more updates from the team on ways of preparing these fine slabs of goodness?
  9. I see Wiltshire Truffles have started supplying direct to punters & have a new online shop - anyone any experience of them?
  10. I usually cook beef short ribs using a slightly modified version of this recipe: Sticky beef short rib
  11. I’ve purchased from them in the past, service and packaging very good, prices were keen.

    I was buying black winter truffle which was very good, cannot comment on the other products but they were supplying many top restaurants.
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  12. My first purchase from the River Cafe is very successful.

    Obviously, with the River Cafe it is not bargain basement prices, but quality was v good even for fish. V nicely packaged, freshly prepared. Lunch today was broad beans sott’olio (lovely) then san daniele with a fine sweet melon, finished off with some super Gorgonzola (Natoora). In an Italian mood, the right conclusion was an entire bar of Domori Chuao (a mighty 25g bar!) with espresso. No wine as it’s a work day. Last night was also good ... lobster was sweet, juicy and not too overdone and with sea bass that followed it was my first really satisfactory fish experience in months. Opened a decent bottle of white to enjoy with it.

    C278AC2E-FC53-47F5-A742-2F91E5AA6F1D.jpeg 233576F4-44E1-4A2B-85A0-5CB3932AB80F.jpeg B295DC1F-23D6-494E-A989-6185ADCAF0D3.jpeg EED857EB-FD9B-49C7-92D7-02F9FC5F5DF0.jpeg 546BB15E-64EB-4FE7-8480-A3D6E2E9CFF8.jpeg
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  13. Should be OK as long as you get your eyes tested as well :rolleyes:
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  14. 20200611_140859.jpg 20200519_191940.jpg 20200519_194821.jpg View attachment 12846

    It was fully 5pm before we realised it was our wedding anniversary. Given the magnitude of the occasion, not to mention the complete absence of any sort of planning, we thought we'd stress-test Shop (Top) Cuvee's 30-min local delivery promise and ordered a 'Signature Feast' ready meal and a few bottles of intriguing-looking natural wine for good measure. The menu is simple, seasonal and really rather lovely and made for a delightful wedding anniversary meal.

    Top Cuvee is another example of a restaurant that has been able to adapt and reinvent itself to keep the tills ringing for as long as it takes to weather the storm. They are even doing delivery to local parks and promise to bring your chilled bagnum to wherever you lay your picnic rug - surely this as close to lockdown decadence as is possible! Lyon's and Nickel have also managed similarly impressive transformations and I will continue to support them as much as I can. Any other places doing this sort of thing?

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  16. Good campaigning, and thanks for heads up, we enjoyed Top Cuvee on a couple of visits. Tonight was very tasty Brazilain from that Crouch End home cooks network, fun cheap and different, so in tune with my tastes (awaits cheap jab from gorgeous George).
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  17. Quite (in its true meaning) interesting to look at the River cafe take away menu.
  18. Of interest to several here no doubt, the Harwood Arms this morning launched their Sunday lunch at home box, with the first batch to be delivered next Saturday. link here and for info here. I've made an order and will report back.
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  19. Not sure if it's already been mentioned but Swaledale have started selling meat directly to the public. Placed an order last week, which arrived just as our freezer broke, meaning days of gluttony followed. The native breed steaks were the best we've had:
    Native Breed Meat Boxes
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  20. Looks good if you live in London zones 1-6. Which seems strange if being fulfilled by an organisation based in Tebay, Cumbria.
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  21. Thanks George. Some really interesting stories on that Service Abnormal page. Fantastic to see the lengths that so many of these producers have gone to in order to stay in business and, of course, to keep us in obscure natural wine and artisan produce. We are very lucky, aren't we.
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  22. Is this the FB thing? I'm curious - is it a sort of take-away supper club?
  23. These are from Namayasai, the Japanese farm near Lewes. Including Haskap berries - honeysuckle - which I've never had before. Really completely amazing stuff.



  24. Yes. The way it works is there is a central organiser running the page. Home-based cooks (who have to have an environmentally approved kitchen as I understand it) then coordinate with him/her/? to post on FB a few days ahead of chosen day what they are proposing, prices and numbers of items available. Folk then sign up via the FB page with their orders and the coordinator keeps an eye on orders and let's the page know when the book is full. For the ones we have had you pay by bank transfer in advance. We come and pick up - Brazilian was a flat near the Arthouse, Persian more large council estate. Brazilian last night good fun and a new experience - this is not haute cuisine, very much home cooking but well made and tasty. Persian the other day was again very tasty but you could tell that the lamb shank was more Green Lanes market than Waitrose if that makes sense...but at about £10-15 a head for a full meal, hardly fair to complain. We will use it to explore off-piste cuisine you don't often see, rather than mainstream stuff.

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