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Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Alex Lake, Apr 7, 2020.

  1. Good, will follow your experience carefully, we have a rack in't freezer once we have worked through pile of other fresh meats...
  2. Is 5kg of Cull Yaw shoulder enough meat for dinner for 2 people? :)

  3. Half of that is tomorrow’s roast here...
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  4. An in-between-meals snack for Dustbin.
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  5. Took some trimming off the fillet for my lunch... first impressions very good. Toast was far too thick though...

  6. Maybe a bit game-y, but that should be awesome. Once I have depleted my Ledbury short rib stock and have spent 3 months on the treadmill, I will order this.
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  7. Cull Yaw shoulder for us tomorrow too.

    The chops from the same beast were pretty tasty too earlier this week albeit rather fatty on the outside which I will trim down next time. 83A082EC-EFA6-48A1-BDA1-CEC266786845.jpeg
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  8. Apropos of nothing in particular, that dish is known in our household as Rendang Ding Dong.
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  9. As long as the other person is a vegetarian.
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  10. Just a half shoulder which would feed 4 hungry people I’m sure
    Slow cooked 4 1/2 hours at 110C then 10 mins at 200ish
    Rested for 45 mins
    Rubbed with garlic, ginger, chilli, cumin, coriander, sweet paprika, ground methi, salt and pepper


    In hindsight the extra 10 mins on a higher heat was an error of judgement. I forgot to add that I cooked the whole piece double wrapped in foil. When I checked the meat after 4 hours the foil was full of a lot of fat. The original joint was actually very well trimmed unlike the chops posted previously. The extra cooking dried out the top a little. Interestingly it reminded me of my grandmother’s roast beef from 40 years ago which was always very tender but murdered to death in the cooking. This was still juicy and very tasty but as I say it would have been better without the final blast. In contrast the underside of the joint which had sat self basting in the fat was outstanding. Yes it would easily feed 4!
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  11. Snap! Salted overnight and then 4hrs 30mins at 120 to internal temp of 87 degrees. Quick brown over direct heat. Resting now while potatoes finish cooking and the last of the bandol rose is drunk up.

  12. Is that a Musar lurking in the background?
  13. Yes Paul, Good spot, my last bottle of 1999. Have drank 3 or 4 of these recently as to me these seem to have peaked and some bottles appear to have started a gentle decline.

    Lovely for now but glad I’ve finished mine off.
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  14. I have a bottle of 1999 remaining so will open it soon.
  15. And do I spy a Tempier Blanc as well?
  16. 2018 Tempier Rose Colin!
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  17. Well - we had friends round for a socially distant barbecue on Saturday afternoon, and as I started explaining to them the joy of Warrens On the Pass I logged in I managed to snag some of the rare and magical Ledbury Short Rib. Planning to cook whole - probably low and slow with salt and pepper...
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  18. I'm into my second delivery of ribs.

    One slab was fattier than the other, so I put it in the (egg) barbecue for ten hours at about 100 degrees, with some apple wood and rosemary. It was absolutely fabulous, although didn't match at all with the buttered chicory I served it with.

    Second slab will get the high heat quick blast treatment.

    I IMG_20200531_133814.jpg IMG_20200531_191219.jpg IMG_20200531_230004.jpg
  19. Bugger!! I checked regularly all weekend and didn’t see anything come up! Foiled again!
  20. Great looking shoulder.
    I admire your carving board with channels to collect the juice.
    Would you mind giving details of the board and where to buy it?

  21. Toby I bought it many years ago, maybe 20+ from a shop in Stratford upon Avon. I want to say it was called Once a Tree. No idea if it still exists. It is very nice for catching the juices but it does require a good clean when sober as all the congealed fat stickers to the knobbly bits!
  22. All rather different to the karahi chickwheat I'm enjoying this evening. Life takes one to some curious places.
  23. now they are just being evil by putting up slabs that weigh near enough to round numbers to make me think 'That;s only £20 a kilo...'
  24. Cull Yaw shoulder part 2, plus the bones. Looks like a scene from pet cemetery. Cooked at 120 in the Joe for 3 hours to low 60s internal temp and then a quick browning.

    The bones and the fatty bits were the highlights. Swoon. The fat had a funkiness that reminded us a bit of the well aged Galicia dairy cow, I wonder if there is a common flavour compound in aged sheep and cow fat? It also had a sort of tannic furriness, a bit like you get in good charcuterie.

    Domaine des Acoles 2013 Chapelle,a purchase inspired by @GuyD'nis , was a good accompaniment.

    Should point out that this isnt a normal Monday night and we'll be eating left overs until Friday

  25. Of course. It's called oxidation!

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