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  1. Just been down to our local butcher and picked up a 2kg tag-end of beef to BBQ tonight. Not sure how long this has been aged but it smells gloriously beefy. Usefully the butcher also tells me he's happy to age stuff on request (I've never thought to ask before) 20200523_102137.jpg so I'll probably take him up on that sometime!
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  2. Arcachon market today had produce of all types of the absolute highest quality. I suppose the continued closure of restaurants is pushing the average up, but fish was not only great quality but abundant quantities of rarer items such as 3-4 KG Turbot and the largest langoustines. Asparagus and berries also exceptional.
    A shame to be in a small rental place with a basic kitchen.
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  3. Ben,

    Well thanks for the tip once again....

    So I completely filled the cavity with lemon, rosemary, parsley and garlic. Stitched closed all of the cavities, cooked on a rack over a tray filled with pre-heated game stock, covered with bacon, basted regularly and cooked the bird upside down. All at 160C in my fan (sorry had no other choice) oven. Clearly the strategy was to avoid drying out....

    I rested the bird for twenty minutes entirely out of the oven after registering a deep thigh temperature of 70C. After withdrawing the probe and being rewarded with a fountain of clear juice I thought panic measures were required.

    Final result? The best, most perfect chicken I’ve ever imagined. Super juicy, texture off the charts and flavoursome in the extreme. Just so unlike any guinea fowl I’ve ever had....

    To give some context, my previous experience of guinea fowl is that of a slightly gamey flavour of a certain nobility, a tendency of the breast to coarseness of texture and possibly dryness, the thigh/leg being more highly flavoured but tending towards a chewy but flavoursome toughness.

    This was very refined in flavour. Something slightly “high” and tending towards a hint of liver, but no more than that. Beautiful refined texture. A certain amount of give, but with enough bite to make it substantive. Noble in every way. In wine terms it would be Lafite. Everything in its place, nothing outstanding, yet somehow more than it seems.

    The bird was surprisingly large and the breasts alone were sufficient to feed the three of us, so the legs haven’t been broached yet. I’m thinking of trying to find some sort of secondary use. A ragu, a pasta filling, maybe a terrine component. Ideas welcome!

    Edit: Just answer the original question about the colour of the meat. This was surprisingly pale. The legs have a deeper pink colour. The bird itself was quite dark as you might expect and reasonably fatty in places.
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  4. Ledbury short ribs...thanks to an overlong afternoon nap I went the brisk route on the first rack. Took off the bone in one segment, quick sear in pan, then on to indirect BBQ for about 30 mins to about 56°. Very tender and tasty despite the haste, girls commented.on evident 'beefiness' but guzzled the lot. Have a rack and one Casamia lambs bum left for BBQ in a day or two.

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  5. Glad it worked out. I imagine your bird might have been a younger animal than mine. I've cooked heritage turkeys in the U.S. that resembled very large guinea fowls and their dark meat was paler than my Ledbury guinea fowl's.
  6. For anyone who is vaguely local and may be interested (possibly @Andrew Stevenson , @John Dickinson , @Steven Hurst ) The Angel Hetton are doing their takeaway again next Friday (5th). 5 course tasting menu for £35pp with the option to add extras (e.g. sourdough bread) too. Order online for collection, but move quickly if you want it as it sold out fast last week. Looks great, we've just ordered.
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  7. We’re in too, Richard - thanks for the tip.
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  8. Lady Bradley had ordered me to text her when it was released, hence I didn't tag you on here too...
  9. No doubt I shall be Parker to her Lady Penelope when it’s time to go to fetch it...
  10. Will you be taking the Roller Nosey?
  11. Yus M’Lord - the pink one with an unfeasible number of wheels. That’s F...A...B.
  12. T&G reporting that due to restaurants closing, demand for fillet well down. They are now offering their larder trim fillet, which they are happy to portion, 1.75kg for £50.

    I know some had issues with customer service in the past, but I must say my last query was speedily & efficiently dealt with.

    I shall report back on the meat, due to arrive Saturday along with some mince and cross cut short ribs.
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  13. We've used Forsyth's butcher in Peebles for decades. Got a couple racks of lamb last weekend which Mrs A picked up from the shop and we BBQ'd them on Saturday. Internal temp of 63°C and they were beautifully pink and tender. Today MrsA ordered some steaks and ribs. Under normal circumstances they deliver (we are 20 miles from Peebles), but with covid-19 they are restricting deliveries to the locality of Peebles only. However, as soon as Mrs A mentioned our names she was told that they would deliver no problem and about 7pm two of the owners arrived by motorbike with our steaks and ribs. All excellent value for money and no delivery charge.
    Amazingly brilliant and uncalled for service. They love their bikes and said any excuse to get out on them was welcome but it is their kindness that struck us. Not only is their meat local to the Borders farms but they go out their way to bring it to us. Hardly surprising we rarely buy meat from anywhere else.
  14. You got a like on that from a non meat eater Paul
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  15. Inspired by Bryan's ragu, I took remaining short ribs meat and slow cooked with an assemblage of scavengings from fridge, spice drawer, floor etc. Excellent, the depth of flavour and melty nature of the meat led to a rare success. A 2010 Gigondas sluiced it all down. What next...
  16. Finally succeeded in grabbing something before the sold out sign appeared! 8 ribeyes on their way here. Perhaps one day I’ll be lucky enough to grab some of those ledbury short ribs!
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  17. Cull Yaw shoulder and Som Saa duck arrived here today. Should be a good weekend :)

    Casamia rumps were fab but we were even more impressed by the regular Warren butchers counter duck from Creedy Carver. Don’t forget how good the the non On The Pass meat is.
  18. Yes - the "basic" rib-eyes are probably the best steaks I've ever had at home. Small sample size admittedly, but I'll be picking up a load more next time I get lucky on an OTP order.
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  19. Nice leg of hogget delivered from Heritage Meats today plus a selection of mutton chops. Report on the hogget to follow.
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  20. good to know!
  21. Good, will follow your experience carefully, we have a rack in't freezer once we have worked through pile of other fresh meats...
  22. Is 5kg of Cull Yaw shoulder enough meat for dinner for 2 people? :)

  23. Half of that is tomorrow’s roast here...
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  24. An in-between-meals snack for Dustbin.
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  25. Took some trimming off the fillet for my lunch... first impressions very good. Toast was far too thick though...


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