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  1. Is there a cow left standing in the UK after this concerted onslaught?
  2. Onglet from Tom Wood on Blackburn market (but delivering nationally with lengthy delays), served with buttered spring cabbage and Carroll's Heritage Potatoes Red King Edward's (both from Wellocks, the restaurant suppliers now selling to the public) and a quick splodge or several of black garlic mayonnaise from The Garlic Farm on the Isle of Wight.

  3. The first and smallest of the steaks, ‘his n hers’. Rib roast to follow tomorrow. The spare bones have made a decent stock, and the excess fat trimmed from the four steaks has rendered about a kilo of dripping destined for some future chips. Flavour decent, but not exceptional.

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  4. Simon that is a stunning effort. God I love the enthusiasm of members on this forum. N half measures or second lap.
    Great attitude.
  5. If there is then they ought to be mighty concerned.
  6. Less cows less methane less global warming.
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  7. Until we get hungry again!
  8. The fresh wasabi was interesting - softer and more delicate than the greened horseradish I'm normally used to. I enjoyed it very much, and will order more, but should the supplies dry up I'll not have a pang in my heart.

  9. A humble but very independent light tea. Asparagus and eggs from a neighbour's garden, lightly toasted semi-brioche bun from our kitchen. Followed by a lovely shared piece of "Young Buck" unpasteurised Stilton-style cheese from Northern Ireland via Courtyard Dairy.

  10. D79831AE-D73D-40AB-BF58-B73470C63F36.jpeg

    Hand for scale. It’s been in for15 minutes (3 bones cut off and trimmed up) and already the kitchen smells glorious
  11. 31326443-F449-4E68-8E01-06584997B993.jpeg
    Pasta primavera casalinga - fusilli with wild hop shoots, asparagus, new season broad beans, pancetta and breadcrumbs. Not authentic but better than authentic. Just delicious.
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  12. Holy god, that looks incredible!!
  13. Short ribs back in stock at OTP if you are interested?
  14. That didn't last long!! Another time...
  15. I don't know who nabbed the Flat Iron box between my putting it in my basket and checking out, but whoever they are I don't like them.
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  16. Rump and ribs, happy (if impoverished) days!
  17. It feels a bit like getting a TWS burgundy allocation!
  18. I managed a guinea fowl, the rump and some ribs. I put the ribs in three times. Each time they were sold out before I could check out. Eventually I managed to get hold of a set.
  19. I tried for ribs twice but no luck.
  20. I see they've put some of their "regular" Philip Warren offerings on the On The Pass site. Makes it a bit more confusing to see what's what but I can't blame them for wanting to leverage the interest, I guess. I must say that the rib-eyes from their regular site last week were absolutely top-notch. What I really want is one of those whole fillets that appear every so often - yeah, fillet could hardly be more unfashionable, but a really good aged fillet from a quality animal is a thing of beauty for me.
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  21. My neighbour had the same experience. Seems to be a glitch. I managed to get the short ribs so that is my weekend sorted.
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  22. Can anyone recommend any good suppliers of Italian and Spanish groceries that offer delivery? I’ve a few that I use regularly but would be interested to see if there are any other suppliers that I should look into.
  23. Aged fillet has been almost unheard of in recent times but that does appear to be what they were offering here, good for them.
  24. They were. Proper flavour.
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  25. And just to make some vague attempt at five-a-day I've grabbed one of the "Best of British" fruit and veg boxes from Wellock's, who were mentioned by Andrew earlier in this thread.
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