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  1. PW ribeyes for lunch - not from one of the restaurant-specific offers, I think this is more their retail range. This may be the tastiest steak I’ve ever had at home. Fab!

  2. Jeez but this thread is compulsive. And like Chris - expensive. My OTP delivery on Tuesday. The Brat 55 day rib will be the highlight but lamb rumps and then the Flatiron box that (briefly) appeared on Saturday. Think it sold out in 5 minutes! After Colin’s espousal of Courtyard Dairy on our Alsace tasting yesterday I am now awaiting an order from them. While I wait shall enjoy another oat cookie from Williams of Preston. Suspect that restricting numbers on public transport will be as much to avoid exceeding weight limits as distancing.
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  3. We had the OTP duck for lunch, roasted traditionally. Good, with nice flavour but not in the different / stand out category that the beef fillet was.
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  4. Really enjoyed our first duck, a second awaits. The first was spatchcocked and cooked slowly in the egg, with a little apple wood beneath and some anchovy essence / garum on the skin.

    A stock made of the carcass in the pressure cooker the next day was also terrific.

    The Ledbury lamb tonight. Looks like rain so I'll be English and barbecue it whilst pretending I'm not getting cold and wet.
  5. Yes, with an Australian wife I am often instructed that tonight is a barbie night, whatever the weather, and sometimes find myself recreating King Lear on the heath.
  6. 20200511_100811.jpg

    OTP 'Cap & Barrel' Rump

    pt. 1 - Picanha reverse seared on charcoal BBQ. Phenomenal flavour.
    pt. 2 - Emma knocked up a pho using the leftovers and the carcass for stock. I've had them from Dalston to Da Nang and this one was up there.

    3kg down, 7kg to go.
  7. How many in your household, Will? it did look like rather a demanding purchase if one is not allowed guests, however excellent.
  8. 2 hungry adults, 2 even hungrier toddlers.

    Fortunately we like a challenge.
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  9. Dinner 2 of 3 for us yesterday with a 3 bone roast cooked to 55 then left to rest for an hour. absolutely delicious. I took another 3 bones off together to do steaks the other night and the remaining bone is a substantial cote de boeuf so a combo of those 2 things in a day or two before a restock on Friday destined for sophies of Soho. Lunch promises to be a beefy affair today, tomorrow and frankly probably for the rest of the week.
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  10. Some more producers who've had orders from me over the weekend:

    Myatt's Fields Cocktails (the Vesper Martini is excellent)
    The Garlic Farm on the Isle of Wight.

    I was also about to order from The Tomato Stall (also IoW), when I realised that I'd already ordered some via Wellocks.
  11. Cocktails by post??
  12. Here are some of those Japanese veg. Turnip carpaccio a la Arpege - Passard put a 'recipe' up the same day I got the box with nearly all the right ingredients.. Black pepper crab (not actually so many vegetables in that, but hey). Assorted bits and pieces for dinner tonight.

    IMG_1872.jpg IMG_1878.jpg IMG_1879.jpg
  13. Any recommendations for high end independent seafood suppliers delivering in London? Many thanks - been catching up on this thread and found it very useful.
  14. Henderson’s have been good for me, limited selection, the boxes based on what is caught are what we get, Upper Scale had a good selection, good flavour and seemed very fresh but was a little fishy smelling, pesky fish get orders up at 8am every day and should be great although I’ve not managed to order anything yet
    Chalk stream trout, not technically seafood, deliver excellent fresh and hot/cold smoked trout with fantastic flavour
    If you are local to a store Moxons also deliver but I think you need to call them to order
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  15. All the time through lockdown a little white fish van has been calling at our work, even when only one staff member was in. Some local fish etc as well as the wider caught stuff. Not sure if trade is up or down for him, as he’s lost regular customers but gained new ones elsewhere.
  16. My birthday suckling pig (known from here on as Pedro) arrived today from Basco, delivered on the date requested within a 1 hour slot specified by the carrier this morning. 5.2kg, Segovian piglet, 100% milk fed, slaughtered at 21 days. All jolly good:


    He will spend the night in the cellar in his insulated box, on his ice packs, before being unpacked and brutally split down his spine, half roasted on Friday and the other half on Saturday. The head and any leftovers on the carcass will be picked over and made into ravioli for Sunday (inspired by the best thing I ever ate at La Trompette, a suckling pig agnolotti) and served with a jus made from the bones.

    These are the 3 wines I have lined up to accompany, Fri-Sun as you look at them left-right:

  17. How was the turnip carpaccio?
    Did you hand slice the turnips or use a mandoline?
    I had an amazing rendition of this dish at l’Arpege in 2018.
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  18. Bloody hell Richard. Fantastic!
  19. It was very good thanks, although I imagine Passard's would have something undefinable extra that this didn't, and it simply looks completely amazing. I'm still yet to eat there - maybe for my first can-travel-again splurge. I just used a knife, they were pretty thin, though. The key flavour component to me seemed to be the thyme and thyme flowers. I didn't have a marigold flower - that was actually in the box but I had used it the day before. Here's another picture (Roulot and turnip, really a rather good match!)...


    And the master's:

    Alain Passard on Instagram: “Recette du jour : Carpaccio navets, fleurs de bourrache, souci, aspérule odorante, ciboulette, colza, fenouil, thym, sarriette, sel. Huile…”
  20. Forgotten about Chalk Stream Trout - usually stock up in the co-op in Lyndhurst when I’m down that way.
  21. Yes, pre-mixed, which I'd normally avoid like the plague, but the Vesper Martini was recommended to me, and really is very, very good. They have recreated Kina Lillet for it, by infusing Lillet with quinine and, I think, other flavourings. Not cheap, but I'm sure that if I tried to do it, I'd ruin cases of Lillet before I got anywhere near.
  22. Do you stir with ice then strain into a cocktail glass, garnishing with a twist of lemon?
    Uninfused Lillet is a dull ingredient.
  23. That's what they recommend. I just stick the bottle in the freezer.

    I quite like Lillet, particularly the rosé.
  24. Oh my!

    Ledbury OTP short ribs arrived today. Butterflied open to salt them. Marbling looks good. Very excited about these! IMG-20200515-WA0000.jpeg
  25. 10kgs of ‘Sophie’s’ beef rib

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