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Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Tom Cannavan, May 21, 2019.

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    One doesn't - ever - want to speak too soon with these things, but Julian gave up a significant chunk of his weekend to help sort out the mysterious database problem with wine-pages. It seems to have been back to its old self since Monday, after some significant behind the scenes changes were made, so my fingers are crossed. More importantly, a full and hearty public thank you to Julian for his generous and dedicated work. I am humbled and grateful.
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  2. Thanks Julian, a gold star for you!:)
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  3. Yes it’s flying along nicely like a website should. Glad you seem to have it fixed.
  4. Well done Julian.:)
  5. Thank you Julian!
  6. Yes, thank you Julian.
  7. Always happy to help. I just need everyone to grant me a bit more time for the resurrection of the old forum now!
  8. Bravo Julian! I'll add my thanks too.
  9. Well done Julian, I'm sure I can dig out a fizzy reward for you from somewhere! ;)
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  10. Well done Julian. Please Forward your invoice to Tom as soon as possible.

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