Poll how much would you pay for this line-up?

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how much would you pay for this line-up?

  1. 600
    11 vote(s)
  2. 700
    7 vote(s)
  3. 800
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  4. 900
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  5. 1000
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  6. 1000+
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  1. The following line-up of wines to be served at dinner, ten seats at the table at a fine dining restaurant in London, an all-in price. The price of your ticket will cover the food cost and the rest will go directly to charity. I'm gauging interest as I want to get a realistic idea of where to pitch this both in terms of price and audience, the idea being to raise as much money as possible for a charity that worked hard to help a very dear friend of mine with his illness. He was supposed to drink these with me this year to celebrate us both turning 40, but it was not to be.

    Here's the list, all from 1978, there is one bottle of each wine.

    Dom Perignon
    Louis Roederer Cristal
    Chateau Lafite
    Chateau Latour
    Chateau Margaux
    Chateau Cheval Blanc
    Chateau Haut Brion
    Chateau Ausone
    Chateau Angelus
    Chateau Pavie
    Chateau Yquem
    Niepoort Vintage Port
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    Very best of luck with it Chris. I guess the key will be to get people to understand the charitable nature and that they are not just calculating the value of the wines and meal, but making a generous gesture as so often happens at charity auctions, where what is paid is often above market value. It is, of course, a terrific line-up in its own right.
  3. Thanks Tom. I have already chatted to a couple of forum members about this and it may be that doing it through another institution who advertise it to their members/customers will garner more money for the charity which incidentally is The Bone Cancer Research trust. Once I have an idea of where this might go then I'll move onto the wheres, whys and whens.
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  4. I reckon for the wines involved and the effort you want to decide how much you want to raise. You don't need many generous people after all. Perhaps the way to decide is to work out how much you want to raise to make it worthwhile - £5k / £10k and then price it so that it's that plus cost of food etc. These sorts of things are not off the shelf pricing and you will either price it a bit too cheaply and find you could fill it twice, or be a bit expensive and have to work to get enough people.

    A third option is to have a baseline price a little lower (than say £1k a head) but also tell your friends story, why you're doing it, and when they are drunk ask the rich people to get their chequebooks out!
  5. Well from a punters point of view if the wines are worth £4.5-5k and the food £115 per head then your already at the £600+ price for the wines at cheapest retail. I’d think for £800 plus the charity tax back would take you to around the £10k income mark which would be s wonderful amount. Though I’m sure you could also see if £1000 worked given the very good cause.
  6. Also your birth year of course. I have some glasses to drink the wines from|
  7. Very sorry to hear that Chris. Very sad.
    With logic at the fore then the £600 + looks a sensible figure but given the nature then perhaps more could be pushed with the more well heeled,

    You could also introduce a few auction items into the “auction dinner”to raise a bit more. Maybe a few unusual or unique bottles at a few price ranges to gather some extra contributions.

    An excellent opportunity to taste some classic wines.
  8. Chris, any reason why you (of all people!) aren't considering auctioning the seats?

    Best of luck with it. A lovely and generous idea for a very worthy cause.
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  10. As a side note, do see if you can get the final contribution gift-aid'ed - makes a huge difference!
    Best of luck with it - alas, out of my budget - but an excellent cause.

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