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  1. 13 of us visited Home restaurant in Leeds yesterday for an absolutely cracking offline. I will await others thoughts and notes on the wines but here are my thoughts on the restaurant.

    Home opened last year on the site of the former Indian restaurant Darbar, above a shop. It is a joint venture between Mark Owens, who was head chef at The Box Tree and also worked at Le Gavroche amongst other places, and Elizabeth Cottam, a former masterchef professionals finalist. They are unashamedly aiming for Michelin stardom.

    Decor and style is fairly basic but classy and comfortable enough. Staff were good from start to finish, glassware etc were decent and plentiful.

    Food is a no choice tasting menu - 6 courses plus "snacks" for lunch, with a slightly longer version on an evening.

    3 canapes were varied and interesting - a squid ink blini topped with caviar was the highlight for me, a cracker topped with cured trout and egg yolk also lovely. A sphere filled with a limey, boozy liquid was less successful, though others enjoyed this more.

    First course was a carrot tartare with carrot puree, tuile and pickled baby carrots. Light as a feather but interesting flavours and textures. This was followed by an absolutely brilliant beef pie - a filo tart filled with braised beef shin, a horseradish cream and topped with a vivid green parsley puree. Outstanding. Seasonings and balance all well judged.

    Best course of the day was a seared king scallop with strawberry and Champagne broth - the cooking of the scallop was perfect, the broth adding tang and depth which enhanced rather than detracted from the scallop. A great dish by any standards.

    Smoked halibut with almonds and broccoli was lovely and again precisely cooked and seasoned. Then the other standout dish was the main course of venison loin with a fabulously offaly venison sausage terrine, cherry puree, burnt raspberry and a rich venison sauce. Terrific dish, rich and deep but lightend by the fruit which really worked, particularly against the sausage.

    Dessert was a sort of deconstructed chocolate bread and butter pudding- lighter than it probably sounds, again good textures and flavour combinations.

    All in all this was an extremely good meal at what is clearly an extremely good restaurant. I know this place is on the Michelin radar, and assuming it is consistently as good as it was yesterday then it is easily 1* standard, no question - everything was cooked and seasoned carefully and with great precision. Flavour combinations were fairly classic but delivered in very modern ways. Go now, whilst you can still get a table - if and when it is awarded 1* it will be booked out for months.

    Many thanks again to David and Joannie for organising.
  2. Thank you for that - glad you had a great time
  3. Echo all of Richard’s comments - and the rating of the scallop and venison courses. David was the perfect host - the liaison with the restaurant meant we all left very, very happy. Worth the journey and hope that we can get another cross-Pennine offline at some time!
  4. Thanks for the review, Richard.
    Will anyone join me in my campaign to abolish altogether that hideous word 'snack'?normally I find it merely irritating but in a restaurant context I find it quite unreasonably infuriating.
  5. 20180609_152701.jpg
    After the meal, and half of us were wandering round. Need to make some exposure adjustment next time I'm in a room with black walls.
  6. Agree entirely with Richards comments and thanks again to David for organising IMG_20180609_140037527.jpg IMG_20180609_144047746.jpg IMG_20180609_122821551_HDR.jpg IMG_20180609_131117960.jpg IMG_20180609_151046417.jpg IMG_20180609_141435710.jpg IMG_20180609_134102813.jpg IMG_20180609_124634473.jpg

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  7. More importantly John......did you and Steve miss your train??!!
  8. Of course not, we were good boys :D

    The "boozy liquid" in the first canape was Pimms
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  9. A fantastic lunch. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks to David for sorting it out
  10. I thought you were talking about the Home restaurant opposite to Leeds Uni.... a Chinese restaurant full of Chinese students!
  11. Revisited this restaurant again yesterday, and it continues to improve with every visit.

    Service is slicker, tiny little areas they needed to improve have been worked on (e.g. bread and butter, canapes), the whole operation is top quality.

    Bread in a restaurant is way more important to me than it probably should be, and it has to be said that yesterday's was absolutely superb - beef dripping brioche and a dark ale sourdough served with bone marrow butter. Just outstanding.

    Highlights included a king scallop confit in chicken fat, served with compressed granny smith apple and a rich roast chicken jus, a cube of braised wagyu beef with mustard, rye cracker & pickles (all the flavours of an American deli pastrami sandwich) and lamb fillet, crisp belly and glazed sweetbread with turnips and a fabulous lamb sauce.

    Wine list is now the one area which needs a little work - too many dull/uninspiring wines and mainly in the £40-70 bracket - but I managed to find a good Macon Villages and a Chinon which were good quality and interesting without blowing the budget.

    This place really is excellent, food and service.





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