TN Haut Marbuzet 1985 & Puligny Clavoillon 2008 Leflaive

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  1. image.jpeg Lately a quite golden coloured but surprisingly fresh bottle of Leflaives Clavoillon. Not pmoxed, Medium bodied, floral nose, citrus & Butter aroma, very good and much better than expected. Better and more in line with white Burgundy expectations as a bottle 18 months ago

    After wars a beautiful ripe bottle of Haut Marbuzet, at peak, lots of red berries, perfectly resolved tannins, still fresh and healthy coloured with only slight hints of brown at the edge. Showing why cellaring wine is often so rewarding. Holding up over 90 minutes, but no decant. Perfect appearance and a delight to drink. Cellared since 1988 and this was the best bottle drunk up to now. Always a very good wine but this bottle simply outstanding.
  2. The 1985 Ch. Haut Marbuzet is a brilliant wine, which I drank a lot of in the 1990s. A legendary Cru Bourgeois similar to the 1997 Ch. Poujeaux. I am not surprised that it is still drinking well Rainer, particularly having slept for 30 years in your cellar.
  3. To which I would add the 1996 Chateau Potensac. The 1997 Poujeaux was excellent in a year that was generally unexceptional and I was lucky to buy 3 cases after the high en primeur prices faded away. All now gone but I cannot recall a dud bottle.

    However I still have part of a case of the 3 Potensac cases that I bought at the same time and it's still drinking very well.
    I have had much less of the Haut Marbuzet and never the 1985 so clearly missed a treat there although I have some 2000.

    Thanks for the notes Rainer and good to hear of an un-poxed white Burgundy.

    Chateau Potensac 1996 a.jpg
  4. Great colour on that Potensac. I very much enjoyed a case of the 1999 but they disappeared all too quickly.
  5. Ian,
    Haut Marbuzet was a real under the radar Cru Bourgeois til the mid eighties until Parker rated the 82 with 92 points in his first Bordeaux book, luckily too late for the 1985 ep campaign in Germany. But Parkers maturity prediction for the 1982 was completely wrong with 1990-1998. The 82 ist still at Peak, but sadly only one bottle left. 1997 Poujeaux was a wine which I haven't bought. Sadly accorfing to your enthusiasm.

    1996 Potensac is a wine we still drink with great pleasure at home. Holding very well and a very good old School Bordeaux. I was and am a Potensac fan starting with 1978. The 1982 was then a wine which convinced me completely. Not as elegant as Haut Marbuzet but with his backbone a great ager. Still a to go wine in every good year, esp. for halves.


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  6. Poujeaux '97 is still a good wine but one in the summer was starting to creak and lose a bit of focus, still good for what is is/should be but past peak probably (or becoming more variable).
  7. Is it possible for an '85 to be premoxed?

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