Haut-Bailly at 67 Pall Mall

Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Ian Hampsted, May 26, 2020.

  1. Reading the thread I'm not sure who this is aimed at. Everyone on here says it needs more time, and pretty much everyone says it's a great vintage, even though they would rate 2009 and 2010 higher, something which aligns pretty much with most of the critics as well.

    I've not really pulled anything serious from bond. I agree Senejac is drinking well, as is Poujeaux from halves. I've had a few single bottles of Chasse Spleen, Gruaud Larose and Calon Segur all were surly and a bit brutal, even after 4-5 hours of decanting. Everything was there though in abundance. So I just need to wait till I'm 60 :)
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  2. Exactly spot on Gareth. I have had mainly positive experiences with 2005 too even though many of them seem to be in an awkward spot right now. What is becoming much more apparent, however, is that the 2009 and 2010 vintages are significantly better, and based on these recent tastings the gap seems to much greater than I previously thought. Over the next few weeks I will have the opportunity to compare these three vintages from other estates too starting with Giscours on Thursday. Who knows they may show the 2005s showing much better on a relative basis. But I was also struck by how both Damien Barton, Emmanuel Cruse - and VS - were singing the praises of their 2009s and 2010s but were much more ambivalent/less effusive about their 2005s, though VS didn’t really say much about hers as Sarah Kemp was waxing lyrical.
  3. I had Giscours 2005 recently and found it, as you'd expect, both good and not yet ready:

    Lots of fruit and spice on the nose. Lovely chew and spice on the palate. Big tannins, lots of concentration. Some toffee oak on the finish. Gorgeous and persistent flavour in the mouth. Could do with another few years IMO. Very nice wine.
  4. Nick, yes - a lovely wine that is in need of a few more years. I opened a bottle to accompany Jane Anson's Margaux 67PM zoom session. I liked the Giscours; but found it pretty solid, and lacking Margaux perfume. As I'm generally a St Julien/Pauillac kind of bloke, this wasn't a problem. But I was a bit surprised at what seemed to be a lack of Mgx typicity.

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