Haisma - The Bogan

Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Chris Welsh, May 23, 2019.

  1. I added this to my order this year after someone commented on it from the London tasting and opened one last night on a whim.

    I almost never drink red wine without food and have probably got a bit over focused in linking the two, so this was an opportunity to try an easy drinking wine.

    It’s a Pinot/Gamay blend and has a perfect balance of acidity and fruit with enough weight to make it proper wine but without any dry tannins to get in the way.

    Just a beautifully judged wine which delivers exactly which it is meant to. I really liked it, way more than I thought I would given the style.
  2. Probably a bit harsh to call him a Bogan.
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  3. I thought Chris meant the wine was bogan :eek:
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  4. Mr. Haisma explained the name. IIRC, it related to dodgy Aussie cricketers. Or something like that.
    We tasted & bought some. I think there’s some here: if so I’ll pull out a bottle during the weekend.
  5. Mark - thanks for rescuing the thread!!

    The wine is actually called a Bogan in Bogandy, here’s the blurb from Mark’s mailing :

    The Bogan in Bogandy….

    "What?” I hear you say! Fear not! It's just me having a little fun. At heart I am a bit of a ‘bogan', and at times I just need to let my mullet down. Bogan is an Aussie term that's hard to explain - the internet does not do justice to defining its cultural place in Australia and is at times massively contradictory. A bogan is a bit of a dag, a recusant who tends to be a little unsophisticated and casual in appearance. This is a label I have wanted to create for a while, something that allows me to have fun with the odds and ends I find and make, that don’t necessarily conform. I plan to plant Shiraz in the vineyard in the Macon, this is certainly not the norm here and the wine will find it fits in quite nicely under the Bogan in Bogandy heading.

    The first wine to grace the Bogan in Bogandy range is a declassified Burgundy, made from Gamay and Pinot Noir. This is a vineyard I picked up in Vosne Romanée, old vines and beautifully placed, that makes some delicious stuff. It's easy but dense, it's playful but serious, it's charming and having fun with you.
  6. Revisited tonight, very expressive nose - pure pinosity (if I might quote @Otto Nieminen ).

    Lovely stuff!
  7. I loved this at mark’s London shindig, along with pretty much everyone else. Mine are currently in storage - not because I think it needs time but because I don’t think it’ll last very long if we opened one as we’d have to have another and another....

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