Gredos Garnacha

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  1. A handful of us gathered at Trangallan last night to taste some of these:

    Comando G Rumbo al Norte 2015
    Comando G 1er Rozas 2016
    Comando G La Bruja de Rozas 2016
    Comando G La Mujer Canon 2015
    Maquina y Tabla Terrazas de Serapia 2017
    Bernabeleva El Carril del Rey 2016
    Bodegas Maranones Pena Caballera 2016
    El Molino Quemado Danza del Viento 2016
    Jimenez-Landi Las Uvas de la Ira 2013

    A confused tasting because some idiot though it would be fun to double decant and the put everything back into different bottles. Nevertheless, all of the wines showed well to excellently. Purity and freshness abounded. La Mujer Canon was perhaps the disappointment of the evening, it's not a cheap wine; but the other expensive wine, Rumbo al Norte, is a stunner. More substance and ambition than the rest, but still fresh. The 1er Rozas is simply gorgeous. It may well mature, but it's so lovely now I may never find out. Maquina y Tabla, Terrazas de Serapia is a beautiful, characterful, slightly funky wine that delivers way more than it costs. Las Uvas de la Ira is another serious, cheapish wine.
  2. One of my favourite regions at present. Genuinely exciting wines in a range styles coming from here.
  3. Charles, many thanks for organising this intriguing evening. Garnacha may be Grenache, but if so not as I know it. My point of reference for Grenache is CdP, but these wines exhibited a quite different expression of the grape. As you say, they all showed well and "purity and freshness" is a good summary. Some were surprisingly light (in weight but never in flavour). From the few that I noted they seem to have higher levels of alcohol (14% plus?) but the balance is such that you would not know it without looking at the label. I came away impressed with the overall quality.
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  4. I'm noting the alcohol this morning.
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  5. Yes, I did notice it when I got up from the table. It sneaks up on you.
  6. Yes. The six am drive to the station for Madame's flight out was less than welcome and a little worrying. The Terrazas de Serapia was remarkable for value. Very generous of you to bring such a wide range, all fun and drinkable, and the octopus in combo with these wines a triumph.
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  7. An absolutely delightful set of wines that I look forward to trying to get hold of some. The slightly haphazard guessing game becoming somewhat challenging as the volume took its toll (I was confused before we had even started).

    As ever thank you for the generosity and introduction to this producer. An absolute delight
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  8. Thanks for the notes - having managed to get hold of a couple of cases of the Bruja de Rozas at home and a 1er Rozas in store the ones I have opened have been lovely. Far more subtle and nuanced than grenache would normally be. Shared one at a Paulee in South Africa and it was the one bottle that made Eben Sadie's eyes light up.
  9. By coincidence I found a bottle of Comando G Las Umbrias at Noble Rot last night. They had the 2015 and 2016 for just over £100, which, by London standards is not a stupid mark up. God it was lovely. Like the 1er, but with added ineffability.
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  10. Huh? How come I've only just seen this thread...

    Firstly, enormous thanks to Charles for providing these wines. I've admired them before, but it was very interesting to get a bunch of them all together.

    I'll post my notes such as they were later when I get home, but their very bearable lightness of being was truly lovely.

    The format was a little chaotic but highly entertaining. I managed to get 2 right on the guessing game - an achievement of which I am very proud! ;-)

    I'd be interested to know how the 2014 1er compares to the 2016. 2016 seemed a bit more "perfect" to me based on memory, but the 2014 had a lot of soul.

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