Garden Wimps 16/07/20

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  1. Many people have struggled with the change of life and for those of us who enjoyed the odd offline or visiting a restaurant with a vinous focus its been a loss though of course much greater hardships are and have been endured across the world

    Given all that a few hatched a plan to have a garden BBQ with some fun wines for local Wimps. Leon said he would accommodate but it seemed to become just a little more than a BBQ with the host making a lot of effort to replicate our favourite event and some stellar wines turning up to the show,

    The wines were diverse in range but all of good to excellent quality and all showed perfectly. A few high end superstars turned up in the 96 DP Rose and Yquem but every wine did well, though possibly one of my whites got a touch lost in amongst the shining stars.

    Others have better notes and pictures and I’ve thanked everyone privately several times but the effort and enthusiasm was fantastic and it was great to be literally ..out

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  2. It looks glorious, Mike. Were the cheeses actually made in Bromley and Teddington?
  3. No just purchased. :) Teddington cheese supplied a Chaource and Cornish Blue.
  4. Wonderful evening - incredible generosity on the wine front and most importantly, wonderful company. As I've often ranted on this board, the community around this board is one of the best things about living in the UK for me, and I feel grateful and blessed to be a part of it.

    As to the wines - the DP was utterly lovely - I don't have a great deal of experience to compare it with but...a lovely wine. The Bolly by contrast was a little more unruly and oxidated - but also a gave a great deal of pleasure. The white flight suffered by its contrast - the Rhys in particular was lovely - and I feel that I wasn't really able to give it full focus, as I was thinking too hard about how to serve the beef course...

    The clarets were wonderful - a fellow diner identified the "finer tannins" in the Duhart Milon and I agree - it had a different mouthfeel and seemed somehow smoother on the palate than the Batailley and the Sociando Mallet. The latter two though were also wonderful - 96 Left Bank is just so uniformly enjoyable right now - and in particular I felt the Sociando Mallet punched above its weight, and also did a great job of matching the beef, with its star-anise tang.

    The Cornas - oh the Cornas. I've had wine from both addresses in the past and while it wouldn't be fair to say they transcended what they are...these two were surely at the very apogee. The Rochepurtuis in particular was on song, taut, vibrant with that whiff of being punched in the nose that characterises Cornwas for me - just on the right side of "rustic" or "natural". A real treat - especially as - as others noted - there is probably not much more of these wines around in the world.

    The Yquem was delicious - as it should be. It inspired me so much that, against my usual inclination, I opened a second sticky - the coutet was lighter, in both colour and taste, but also performed well. Tellingly, as I was tidying up this bleary morning, the smell of both of the dessert wine bottles made me think of having just a wee taste - while the reds engendered no such feelings...
  5. On the WIMPS theme, last time I remember drinking DP rose 96 was in the Ledbury, the lunchtime Brett got his second star, to celebrate said event courtesy of Ken R.
  6. Excellent work all of you !
  7. Well done chaps. Splendid effort!
  8. No notes yet from Arse Trompette I see. Bloody typical.

    Although Don’s probably led them astray and they’re still not back from the post event cocktail bar.....
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  9. Very lovely food from Leon:
    IMG_0516.JPG IMG_0517.JPG
  10. Brilliant,
    Just seeing this is enough to raise the spirits.
    The replicating of the menu styling down to typeface shows true "Respect"
    Well done all round.
  11. Absolutely top drawer evening. Thanks to Leon for organising, hosting so well and serving such high quality food (big nod to Alino for the excellent crème caramel here).

    Also to my co-diners for their generosity and imagination.

    A pair of delightful and multilayered rose champagnes of real depth and quality; the Bolly taughter and with crunchier fruit and the DP with a slightly sweeter profile. That said this was no demi sec. Real bitter orange to complement the strawberry fruit.

    The Chardonnay pair were both very good. An element of oaky roundness to them but not overdone.

    Loved the clarets all in fine form. The Duhart perhaps edging ahead with a togetherness and fleetness of foot that contrasted with the meatier Batailley and Sociando. Both the latter really opened out with the fabulous beef dish with the Sociando showing something a little more exotic.

    The Cornas pair both really shone. Both fully mature and gloriously savoury with balance and length. The Rochepertuis in particular combined the poise and balance of the northern Rhône with a hint to the garigue found further south. Neither 'rustic' and both wines that we're unlikely to be lucky enough to taste again.

    Finally a 1997 Yquem that was on the dark side in colour but neither tired nor over the hill. Complex and brooding I detected some spearmint, butterscotch and ripe banana on the nose - the tropical fruit also on the palate. The Coutet of the same vintage was fresher and paler if perhaps not as broad on the palate. Loved both and the Beauvale was a particularly happy match.
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  12. Looks wonderful.
    Having only just plucked up the courage to attend Wimps, its something I've really missed in lock down.
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  13. This looks terrific - wine, food, company, everything.

    I do love Rochepertuis Cornas and I’m sad that I have none left.
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