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  1. We are in Chablis and there is a shop selling Fevre next door to the hotel and the prices look reasonable and the selection is wide. Any thoughts on what to pick up would be appreciated - they have village, 1er Cru and GC going back to 2011 - many thanks, ih
  2. Assuming you’re at Le Clos du H, the shop next door is Fevre’s retail outlet. You should be able to taste a good range. Off top of head, 14 and 17 are the more classical vintages, 15, 16 and 18 richer to varying degrees.
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  3. Thanks Simon I won’t be tasting as I will be driving to Calais but do you have any specific favourite parcels?
  4. Of the 1ers, Montee de Tonnerre and Vaulorent are my favourites. In the GCs, Bougros Cote de Bougerots ( a steeper section within Bougros IIRC) always does well for me, and shows well cf Clos and Preuses with age.
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  5. Are Fevre all DIAM these days, or only for certain merchants? Be interested to know!
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  6. Funnily enough I had the 2014 1er Vaulorent the other week. A good wine but for me really needs more time and acidity running to the fore.
    The 15 is drinking better in some ways as slightly more forgiving though again my notes have it wanting some more time though that may well be my preference and a sharper classical Chablis may suit others.
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  7. Montee de Tonnerre and Vaulorent (Fourchaume) are (I guess) the usual suspects regarding the best Premier Crus? And I find Cote de Bougerots a well kept secret, as Bougros usually are regarded as the weakest Grand Cru, and often priced accordingly. Not that any Fevre are exactly cheap any longer these days.
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  8. All Diam since vintage 2009 or 2010.
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  9. A Fevre 2005 Le Clos last night was delightful, unlike the 2010 Boillot Les Genevrieres which was knackered, orange, horrible, poxed etc etc
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  10. Ouch.
  11. Oh sugar - I have one of the 2010 Genevrieres. I'd better have a look at it.
  12. Is this William Fevre?
  13. Mine was William Fevre, yes mark
  14. David live in hope 4/6 have been excellent, one pretty knackered, this was poxed to death
  15. They've also recorked all library wines in the cellar under DIAM. Had an outstanding 2000 Clos under DIAM with the winemaker Didier Seguier last week - the cork clearly said "recorked 2018". I appreciated that transparency.
  16. I’ve had very mixed results with W Fevre 2005. I would agree the best wines are Vaulorent and Côte de Bouguerots.
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  17. I didn’t end up buying any from that retail outlet because the prices on further investigation did not seem compelling and availability of those Simon mentioned was rather limited. I have had mixed though limited experience with this producer but have heard better things recently. Ended up buying some Clotilde Davenne instead. Thanks for all your thoughts
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  18. The 2019s, tasted last week, were very impressive.
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