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  1. Does that mean the folk who work in car servicing departments are from a higher social class? :p
  2. Mine was a red Mk1 Golf 1.3CL GMA 608X. I think I was 20. Used to drive up to University in Newcastle upon Tyne. Not a bad car at all. The accelerator stuck on full once on the M25 once in the fast lane. Fortunately the acceleration was pretty leisurely at that speed, so turned the engine off and coasted to the hard shoulder...

    I now haven't owned a car for 12 years.Just three bikes and a share of an aeroplane that's older than me!
  3. Weren't they all that colour? With a stylish black vinyl roof?

    Maybe not the roof? I'm wondering if that was something our neighbours added!
  4. Tom Cannavan

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    I fondly remember the opening of Wildlife parks coinciding with the incidence of vinyl roofs, and the havoc wrought by monkeys.
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  5. They were a bit annoying with windscreen wipers as well. Probably why I have never visited a safari park.
  6. When it was a Minor 1000 like mine, there was very little to go wrong with it. It was as basic and simple as mechanised transport can be. But there's no doubt that, complicated as modern cars are, they're a million times more reliable than cars were in the 70s. The number of cars you see broken down at the roadside these days is nothing compared to 40 years ago.

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