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  1. Shame about the plastic bumpers. :rolleyes:
  2. Finest Italian Chrome and rubber, I'll have you know. :)
  3. Looks too pristine to be '80s Italian made :p
  4. I am a huge fan of a reasonable size estate car. I learnt to drive on a farm road in a Range Rover aged 12, and then did a lot of driving in my early 20's in Range rovers. They were comfortable, but 30 years on I am buying my own cars, I just don't think the SUV covers the ideal of a "drive" and load carrying capability. I rate the 5 series touring, it does have a lot of oomph for passing italian camper vans on scottish highland roads, and is a great car for crossing europe.
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  5. 1978, last of the RHD versions imported by Alfa. Two full restorations in the 35 years I've owned it.
    The only original body panels are the boot lid and bonnet!
  6. Ahh Alfa's!
    Jim, what a fabulous machine.
    Had my fair share from Alfasud, through Sprint Veloce up to a couple of 164's. All the stories are true of course in terms of build quality and reliability. But.... when they worked they were simply wonderful. The looks, the handling, the sheer driving pleasure and then there was the Lancia Delta Integrale........
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  7. I had a look at the Alfa Sprint Veloce in 1986. The driving position (short legs/long arms) and the rust reputation (a couple of friends had Suds) and having just watched Subway, finally made me go for a 205GTi instead.
  8. They were great little cars too. I had a 1.9 in the early nineties, fantastic when it started, which was about three quarters of the time, but just not enough for the daily commute to be a relaxing proposition!
  9. I had 3 1.6s in a row. Never graduated to the 1.9 as it seemed to be tricky in the wet. Amazing balance and handling and probably the beginning (along with the Golf GTi) of an era of truly great hot hatchbacks.
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  10. my first car was a clio williams series 1 no 320. What a car! Just about perfect in every way.
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  11. But how many bottles?
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  12. The best deal in the market is the (relatively) new Renault Megane Sport, which is class leading action packed sports saloon which you could lease for as little as £220 a month unoptioned when I got mine in October. Car magazine and one or two others ran features on the incredible deals Renault were offering including 0% financing. The Sport is a better day-to-day proposition than the Trophy, which is much stiffer. This car can carry two road bikes and 200 bottles of wine and still sticks to the road like sh1t to a blanket.
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    My first car was a transit van, as was my second, but my third was an aged Vauxhall Cavalier that suddenly dumped all it's oil on a motorway run, seizing the engine, and reducing it to scrap. Next was my first ever brand new car: a Vauxhall Nova, probably the cheapest car on the market at the time.
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  14. A lot of thread drift going on but.........

    That was exactly what the late, lovely, Monsieur Goutorbe of Äy asked me when comparing my Citröen Xantia Estate with his XM. :)
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  15. My first was a 1981 Astra 1.6, bought in 1984, the same engine that may have been in your Cavalier. These engines were notorious for valve stem seal failures, the telltale sign being black smoke coming out the exhaust, and camshaft lobes wearing down, causing misfiring. My Astra suffered both and cost £300 to repair and Vauxhall refused to reimburse even part of it even though it was a well-known issue. Never bought another Vauxhall (or Opel, as the Manta GTE was another car I considered when I got the 205GTi) again and probably never will.
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  16. Entertaining thread drift.
    First car was a minivan bought at Glasgow Car Auctions for £850 in 1980. Quickly followed by a Haynes Manual, socket set, and feeler gauges. It was bought with cash earned working 7 days a week, 12 hours a night in a frozen food plant in Montrose! That's in Angus rather than St Estephe.
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  17. The Spider pictured above was my first car. Bought in Spring 1985 after getting my first job. Always lusted after one and the love affair continues to this day.
  18. I would, say given you find 11k a year on a car a bit too much, and I feel that sentiment, maybe a good second hand car that’s had good depreciation already is the way forward.
    When I was working on a budget it was value for money and getting a good car I’d be happy with at a price I could afford. A top end model with 3/4 years age on it could have lost most of its value and years 5-7 show much slower losses.
    If you buy outright now then 2-3 years down the line the 20k car may be still worth 14k for example . Yes you have insurance, tax, fuel and serving so there is always a couple of K per yer running costs.

    The salary sacrifice scheme on electric can be great but saving 40% of £350-800 still may not be everyone’s idea of the right approach.

    Before my FPace which I did buy new (first car except a Volvo C30 when a brand new model on contract for £300 a month or thereabouts) I have a Jaguar XF 3.0 S which was 3 years old had a 54K new price and I got for 21K.
    That was a great car.

    Prior to that was a Alfa 159 2.0 diesel for about 10k which was a good car and I got that chipped and cat changed for a huge performance and slight fuel economy gain. (Never broke down either :) )

    Still have a soft spot for my first car - a Mazda RX-7 Turbo II, bought with classic insurance so I could afford it .
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  19. First car was bought in ‘84 shortly before my 17th birthday, an early 70’s Triumph Toledo bought for £250 from an elderly neighbour, which would explain the colour - Honeysuckle Beige! A school friend has an apprenticeship at London Transport in the paint shop of the bus depot. He took it to work one Monday and returned the car on Friday in bus red, complete with a black rear panel, to make it look like a Triumph Dolomite Sprint. I now realize this was the automotive equivalent of sticking a Mouton Rothschild label on a bottle of Mouton Cadet.
    The car was financed by working 30 hours a week at McDonald’s whilst I was still at school.
  20. pre my wine buying days so never tested it!
  21. My first car was Vauxhall Nova. I (over)paid £4000 for a 2nd hand 3-year old one. I hit a central reservation with it after about 4 weeks and the steering was always off after that, despite the best efforts of the mechanic down the road. My second car was also a Nova. It had been my mum's. It was very basic with no power assisted steering or braking. It was fine for living in London with no kids. I used to hire nicer cars for weekends away. That was fun and convinced me that I don't like BMWs and that Alpha's are great - to hire.

    I still had that Nova when I moved to the USA. My company put us up at the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park for a several days before the flight. It has a car valet service. At first the valet was quite excited. He'd never heard of a Nova before. I think he imagined that it was a new McLaren or Lamborghini. Each day he had to go and drive this crappy little car to the car-park and back in his top-hat and tails uniform.
  22. I hope, in keeping with such style, you tipped him generously.
  23. My first car was a second hand Renault 6 bought for £400 in 1980. I have fond memories of the gear stick which emerged from the dashboard and a remarkably comfortable front bench seat. It was not perhaps the most fashionable of cars and it had a modest 845 cc engine which just about managed 0-60 on a good day.
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  24. Those were the days, Nigel -when you timed your car from 0-60 using a sundial, not a stopwatch.
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  25. Or a calendar

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