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Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Ben Hunting, May 26, 2020.

  1. My wife and I have been looking into buying our first car. (We always managed with Zipcar before.) I wondered if opinionated forumites could proffer any advice? We need to fit two car seats and have space for a pram and luggage in the boot.

    Open to anything but these are the cars we've been thinking about, maybe a 2019 model with low mileage, probably with a petrol engine given the cost of electric/hybrid:

    Volvo V60
    Volvo XC60
    Audi A4
    Audi Q5
    Volkswagen Tiguan
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  2. If you’re thinking of a Tiguan make sure
    you look at Seat Ateca/Skoda Karoq derivatives.... I have ateca and it ticks all the boxes when it comes to comfort/reliability/drive etc
  3. I have not owned a sedan since 2002, so my choice would be either Volvo XC60 or Audi Q5. SUVs are so much more versatile for family.
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  4. Tom Cannavan

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    I do love my XC60
  5. We bought an XC60 recently (2019 plate) - previously having had an A6 Allroad. Generally very happy with it. We were very happy with the A6 too (2012, diesel 3 litre) and were sad to see it go, but took the view that we had to get rid of it for ULEZ reasons. With the XC60, in space terms i'd say no problem at all for passengers - 2 car seats will be fine. If anything it is more generous than the A6 in the back. In terms of boot, it's not vast compared to other equivalents so depending on the size of your buggy you'd want to check carefully how much space would be left for luggage. It is a smaller boot than we had in the A6 (though that was vast). But it is sufficient for our family of 3 people (and we don't have a buggy etc or other bulky paraphernalia although we do transport his bike around the place sometimes). We bought the hybrid version. Goes like the clappers on the motorway.
  6. Are you thinking of buying outright or leasing? Some great deals available on the latter.

    I would also say that most cars are good these days!

    Edit: Doh! 2019 model implies buying outright...
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  7. +1 for the XC60. We’ve had two and no regrets. Spacious enough for all the family paraphernalia!
  8. Thanks, everyone!

    Tom, is your XC60 the mild hybrid ("B" badge) or plug-in hybrid? Thank you for describing the size of the boot.
  9. Considering both buying outright and leasing but inclined to buy outright.
  10. Tom Cannavan

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    Yes, and how is it MPG overall? My 2017 car is Diesel and does OK, but a quandary on where to go when I replace it....
  11. Sorry, I wasn't clear. It's the plug-in, T8.
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  12. Any complaints about the Volvo infotainment system? That's the main critique I've found online.
  13. I'd definitely go for a traditional, low loading estate. We've had various BMW 3 and 5 series Tourings (Estates) and can highly recommend them for practicality and tech, the I-Drive system on the latest models is superb. We swapped from a 330D to a 340 petrol 3 years ago and love the engine for its smoothness and performance; other smaller and more efficient petrol engines are available.
    Whatever you buy, get a quote from an Internet broker for a new one, I've used DrivetheDeal and Coast2Coast and can recommend them highly. Their quotes are often little different to a dealer price on a one year old model, I obtained about 23% off my new 340 3 years ago.
  14. If you shop around and are prepared to travel then 1 yr old or pre-reg cars get heavily discounted. I changed my e-class estate diesel for a petrol model recently and it was a cracking deal, it had been used by their head office, had 4k on the clock, loads of extras. It's got masses of space too, plenty of room for all the buggies etc.
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  15. On the motorway, low to mid 30s. In town higher because of the electrical element, though varies obviously depending on charge. Those are our main uses.
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  16. Not especially. There are one or two things that aren't that intuitive / a bit fiddly but it's clear enough. Very good / smooth at integrating with an iphone or similar so you can use google maps, listen to your own music etc. But we're comparing it against our last car which was a 2012, and so the advance from that position is pretty dramatic.
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  17. Sounds like you've got a couple of very young kids - we bought a pre-reg Mazda 5 shortly before our second was born - it's not made any more but the sliding rear doors are an absolute godsend for youngsters in car parks, and the two jump-seats in the boot are great for ferrying around their friends. Still going strong ten years on, at an average depreciation of about £1,500/year. Zero badge kudos, but I couldn't really care less about that.
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    Ben, my car was the last of the old model and I think the criticism was aimed at it, and a 2018 model year forward 'new' model will be much better, with larger touch screen and so on. My car has the top of the line system with Navigation, and the main concern is no touch screen and a rather fiddly rotary wheel to input addresses and postcodes. It is a bit of a pain,m but having said that, the system is excellent in terms of performance and you can download your own map updates from the Volvo site. Music, phone, etc all work really well.
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  19. It may well be that things like CarPlay/Android Auto can avoid some of those issues if you can get on with them. After a difficult start, I loved CarPlay in my old Skoda and it's a continued irritation that Tesla don't support it.

    BTW - Ben, you're not self-employed or a Company Director, are you?
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  20. Hi Ben, We just leased a VW Tiguan in December for my wife this is what I found...
    1. An estate will usually be about 10/15% more efficient than an SUV (we got an SUV anyway as my wife likes the safer feeling ride height)
    2. Worth having a Saturday trawl around the dealers and sitting in the cars
    - Wife hated the glitzy interior of the Peugeots (5008 and 3008)
    - Didn't like sports seats
    - Some cars have flat boot floors which is nice
    - Get a good feel of real boot size (take a tape measure as some cars measure boot with seats moved all the way forward!)
    -You can sit in the back seat, which may be important for older kids
    3. VAG group cars do feel significantly more solid for some reason (I reckon they line the doors with lead or something to give that feel), also has the most traditional dash and instruments. Tiguan came with a CD player which nailed it for my wife!
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  21. Oh, and the only extras that I was impressed with so far are:
    Apple Car play - So simple for SatNav and Music
    Adaptive cruise - Never had it before so it was a revelation
  22. Not on your list but recent happy purchase of Honda crv hybrid, 2 teens plus two large dogs. Not that sexy but obvs reliable and surprisingly quiet after previous petrol cars. Don't know how prices compare.
  23. One of the other great things about CarPlay (which Tesla still haven't matched) is the hands-free management of text messages.
  24. You mean WhatsApp? People don’t still use text messages do they?
  25. I use Android Auto in my car, and while it is useful for certain things such as Google Maps, the number of times I've shouted at it has been increasing recently. Things that have caused issues include:
    1. Requesting a song to be played, and unless you specify Amazon music it will try Google Music as default and tell you it can't find it.
    2. Responding to WhatsApp messages - it will frequently flawlessly take the message, and then when it asks you to confirm if that is what you want to send, will then say "This internet connection is not strong enough at the moment"

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