Estimated GBP release price of First Growths' this EP

Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Graham Harvey, May 28, 2018.

  1. Can any of us guess correctly or close to the release price for the first growths this EP?

    I've gone for "attractive" pricing - i.e. similar to 2015 original release prices (so not attractive at all!)

    Mouton / Haut Brion - £4,200
    Lafite - £4,800
  2. Must admit I’ve pretty much dialled out this EP after a very average and uninspiring start.

    Haut Brion should be around or sub 3K but I think your right and will release at 4K plus.
    I’ll guess £3850 but they. Any push it. If you look at the 2014 then maybe £3850 is overpriced.

    Lafite £4800 sounds about spot on

    Margaux £4650

    Mouton - should be £3300 but will go at £4300
  3. How, in the UK, do you get a "drinkable bottle" price out of that? Add 17.5% VAT and divide by 12? Or is there something more?
  4. Drink it?! That would be so reckless.
  5. Plus 31.17 per 12 (duty + VAT).
  6. In easy numbers, divide IB case price by ten and add two pounds fifty (might be nearer to three pounds these days) to get the all-in bottle price.

    (VAT has been 20% for a few years now)
  7. They seem to be coming out at £4,320.00

    I was not far off with my £4,200 prediction... [essentially worse than I thought]
  8. One is better off buying ‘82 LLC at £4200.
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  9. I've had notification of Mouton at £2160 for 6 - so 4320 for the case, same as Graham is reporting. No figures for the other Firsts, though
  10. An easy pass
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  11. 2160 for Margaux
  12. I really cannot see any value in the first growths. There are lots of decent vintages of Margaux, Mouton and HB available for considerably less money. Taking Haut Brion as an example, the 2012, 08 & 06 are all around £500 per dozen cheaper and the excellent and mature 1996 is the same money. Pretty similar scenario with Margaux and Mouton.
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  13. I’ve only done three EPs with some serious attention and buying. Have to say nothing this year “got me excited”thinking I really need to buy this for drinking or investment, I bought a number of cases but bought more Cos last year by double than everything this year, (and canon / others )

    Had excited emails today about Lafite and to be fair there is a very strong case for this one but again I had better things to put my funds into and was happy leaving the cash there. I think next year I may have a bigger play but let’s see how the growing season goes,

    Bit of a damp squib overall and prices need to be looked at so it was a nice correction after the confidence of 15 and 16 which were making people brave in their approach.
  14. I wouldn’t describe it as a bargain but Lafite looks attractive for the financially unconstrained. It is even slightly cheaper than the 2014 and probably better, and clearly the best of the first growths as we proved in March. Lafite and Leoville Barton are best buys in 2017 and have identical winemaking philosophy.

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