Dominique Demarville leaving Veuve Clicquot?

Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Steven Pritchard, May 21, 2019.

  1. Bloody typical... literally 60 minutes after completing a piece on Veuve's La Grand Dame 2008, with the closing paragraph bigging up the future of Veuve (almost exclusively because of the talent of Demarville), and then ...

    ... BOOM... One of my spies reports that he is leaving for Laurent-Perrier.

    I am the Murray Walker of the champagne world.
  2. Look on the bright side Steve, at least he might manage to 'make Laurent Perrier great again'
  3. That did occur to me. If only they'd let him at Salon!
  4. As in?
    “If I’m not very much mistaken...I AM very much mistaken”
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  5. Laurent Perrier could not have sunk much lower right now, Steve? I bet I could improve it.
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  6. They seem to be 'fully priced', whatever is in the bottles
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  7. And many more. A few favourites:

    "This would have been Senna's third win a row if he'd won the two before"

    "Mansell is slowing it down, taking it easy. Oh, no he isn't! It's a lap record"

    Most appropriate:

    "I don't make mistakes. I make prophecies which immediately turn out to be wrong"
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  8. Tom Cannavan

    Tom Cannavan Administrator

    He gets around a bit!
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  9. Where will you be displaying this article Steven ?. I read a few press snippets about VC, Demarville and the style of champagne and liked the sound of it so have nearly the full house. (Brut, Grand Dame and Rose ) the near £200 a bottle GD rose was a stretch too far.
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  10. I guess it will be on WP at some point. I just need to... well, add another small paragraph! :)
  11. Yep... LP is number 4!
  12. A directionless marque, I'm really not sure where Grand Siecle fits in the pantheon of prestige cuvees these days!
  13. Was never sure that things were going to go quickly enough for him at the hugely corporate VCP.
    With the exception of LGS they need the help at LP, though I hear the Rosé is still the biggest selling pinkie and I reckon that could do with a bit of work.
    Good Luck to him, one of the truly lovely chaps of the region
  14. It is still always superb to excellent, though as a brand very lost.
    Best buy in quick before the image gets uprated.
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  15. In terms of the wine itself I agree. But it seems rather distant from the other wines in the range. Something of a Belle Époque squared.
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  16. I'm actually quite disappointed to read this. I hope he's implemented long standing changes because the VC that I've tried since the change has been fantastic.
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  17. TN's for the 2008 LGD releases below for those who are interested (in advance of the feature):

    Champagne Veuve Clicquot La Grande Dame Brut Vintage 2008
    Champagne, France, Sparkling White, Cork, 12.0% abv

    92% Pinot Noir: Ambonnay (4%), Ay (14%), Bouzy (23%), Verzy (37%), Verzenay (14%), and just 8% of Chardonnay (Le Mesnil-sur-Oger).

    Disgorged January 2018, with a dosage of 6g/l.

    Biscuity aromas to the fore, with notes of Almond and chocolate. The palate has a firm line of acidity that gives way to stone fruits on the mid-palate, the palate turns full circle and closes down to a long, chalky minerality on the finish. The long lees aging has enriched the wine with a complex, yeasty richness that feels immediate, but experience tells me to wait for the fruit to build. Should give us long-term potential pleasure, drinking from 2022-2040.

    Score: 92-96/100

    Champagne Veuve Clicquot La Grande Dame Brut Vintage Rosé 2008
    Champagne, France, Sparkling Rosé, Cork, 12.0% abv

    Disgorged May 2017, with a dosage of 6g/l.

    The same blend as the blanc, with the addition of 14% Bouzy Rouge, the palate becomes slightly reductive, finer and more linear (as is often the way with assemblage rosé, the red wine component seemingly suppresses the subtle, autolytic character). The biscuit heft is replaced with a crunchy red fruit bouquet. The palate is finer, more youthful than its sibling, yet there is deep intensity lurking under the surface, and definite complexity. This is one of those rare rosé Champagnes that I would age! Will drink well from 2023-2033.

    Score: 92-95/100
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  18. Steve have you tasted the straight VC 08?
  19. Only about 15 times! :)

    It is a lovely wine (and 95/100 potential), but I agree with others its going into its post-disgorgement shell for a while, need to revisit next year.
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  20. Did you expect more from the LGD08, Steve? I've only acquired the one bottle, favouring the straight 2008 which is just fantastic. Sounds like maybe I've made the right choice.
  21. While we are on it what about the straight Rose.

    Given pricing I thought it would be a good option to put away for a few years as I will the basic VC and of course the LGD.
  22. From what I’ve heard, he will be de facto maker of Salon. Maybe I’ve been misinformed.
  23. That is superb news!
  24. Dominique is taking over all aspects of winemaking, vineyards, and production at Laurent-Perrier including Delamotte and Salon. With what he did at Mumm and Clicquot, I can only imagine what L-P will become. Helping out is that L-P is in better shape quality-wise IMO than either Mumm or Clicquot were when he took over.

    It is also quite interesting to now see who was chosen to succeed Dominique at Clicquot. I have to admit that I didn't see this one coming though I should have. It is Didier Mariotti who resigned from Mumm last year. Didier worked under Dominique as his deputy at Mumm and kept things moving in the right direction after Dominique left and built on the foundation Dominique left him while also adding his own spin on things. It will be interesting to see him follow Dominqiue at Clicquot. I think things will go well as Didier was always an under-the-radar really good Chef de Caves to me.
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  25. Hi Brad,

    Long time no speak, hope you're keeping well?

    No, I didn't see that coming either, but I agree with you: it is great news for VC. I am excited as to what Dominique can do with Salon!



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