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  1. Tom Cannavan

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    Stage one of chicken with cream and morels earlier this evening, using the fungi as recommended by Alex. No photos of later stages as it was too damned delicious to mess about with a camera.

    20200529_223009.jpg .
  2. Irn Bru marindade....?
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  3. My daughter cooked for us and wanted to serve it in the treehouse that I built for them back in 2014 which she has now given a complete makeover to. Ridiculously difficult in terms of service but great fun

    tarte tatin aux legumes


    magret de canard bordelaise



  4. Tom,
    I hope you used vin Jaune, cote du Jura or even premox Burgundy for the cream and morel sauce!

    Tarte Tatin aux legumes! Great idea!
  5. Tom Cannavan

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    Brilliant Chris. We did not dine in a treehouse.

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