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  1. At the latest tasting session of the Dhaka Whisky Club the theme was Canadian whiskies. Seven whiskies were served and the most popular by far was a recent release called Gooderham & WortsFour Grain. It out-pointed the next two by a two-to-one margin, the Pike's Creek 10 Year Old (Rum Finish) and Wiser's Legacy.
    My preferences ran towards the drier styles, giving the Wiser's Legacy, a rye-influenced spicy whisky top spot, followed by the elegance of the fruity, clean, cereal-noted Gooderham & Worts, and then the big, bold, almost over-the-top, spicy, cinnamon and clove Lot 40.

    Cheers ................ Mahmoud.

    PS: The whiskies were served from left to right in the order shown in photograph. It does not show the first whisky, Black Velvet, which, not surprisingly, received no votes at all.
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