NWR Creosote!! [Smell]

Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Jason Michelle, May 30, 2020.

  1. Bloody creosote stinks! :confused:. Actually it’s now “Creocote” as I believe the former was banned?

    Bought a new timber shed two years ago which I creosoted and I remembered how difficult it was to get rid of the smell afterwards.

    This morning I got up early to apply another coat and avoid the daytime heat. Full ‘rags’ kit on... old trainers, socks, jeans, t-shirt, baseball cap. Marigolds that go up to your elbows. Got the shed done... could obviously smell the creosote stink throughout.

    Stripped off, got a bath. Still stink of creosote! :D

    Maybe the creosote micro droplets get stuck up your nose or something?

    Apart from the obvious suggestion to pay someone else to do it next time... any tips?
  2. Don't get a wooden shed?
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  3. I converted from creosote in 80s to branded wood preserver. Though eventually I followed Paul's solution & disposed of the garden shed.
  4. If you get an oak shed built, it doesn't need any preservatives.

    More expensive of course, but it gives you a chance to think about a structure that does more than just store garden junk.
  5. Now might be your chance to have a crack at some Musar. At least it will only smell of creosote.
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  6. Whatever you do I recommend you don't touch a waffer theen meent :rolleyes:
  7. I use Ronseal Fence Life Plus on my shed and it does a pretty good job without all the unpleasantness of creosote.
  8. My moneys on that you can still smell the Musar.
  9. Maybe it would have been better to paint the shed?
  10. I can just imagine you opening the tin of creosote and turning round to ask who opened a magnum of Musar.
  11. I recall one of the winemakers (I'm pretty sure it was Nayan Gowda) explaining to me that creosote aroma in wine was something that was typically winemaker induced (and something he rather enjoyed in moderation).
  12. Presumably by throwing a couple of old fence posts into the vat.
  13. If you paint the shed with Musar it will be fully varnished and indestructible.
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  14. True, but what if I get it on my clothes, skin or hair? Or, god forbid, in my mouth?
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  15. I would report all the Musarphobes to Tom, but, being a magnanimous chap, he would likely grant a birthday pardon, this weekend.
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  16. We should press for this being a Musarophobe free forum.
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  17. When we moved into our house 25 years ago it had Oak cladding around the top half. We discovered that there was rot in the timbers and a builder advised us to treat it with creosote, which we did. It was a very hot day when treated and so warm that night we had to have the windows open. Needless to say the smell was just about over powering, even when we closed the windows. By 1 am we could stand it no longer and so we went and checked into a local hotel for the night. We did get a few odd looks when we arrived there.

    Needless to say within a few months the cladding had been removed and replaced with terracotta tiles. We were not going through that again!

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