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Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Alex Lake, Feb 24, 2020.

  1. Over a month ago, Pr Raoult from Marseilles declared he considered the pandemy as over and still think a second wave is now unlikely.
  2. Hi Eric
    Certainly worth exploring the 'why?', as bare figures don't tell everything. We do also have the time lag between infection / symptoms / reporting, such that we're often looking at a 2 week old picture at best.

    We don't yet know what the effect of opening up the schools, Ikeas, etc. and won't know until a couple of weeks afterwards. Compared to these, the initial lockdown easing was very slight. Clearly the scientists on the SAGE committee expressed concern at significant relaxation of the lockdown.

    Conversely, there will be some, myself included, who will ignore these new freedoms, until we feel the volumes of people infected have reduced sufficiently. I can work from home, shop for food once a week, get deliveries of other stuff (plus eat some of the cupboard goodies I buy too much of, but never eat enough of). A pleasant large field to walk around (~ 1 minute walk from home), with some lovely woodland 2-3 minutes walk away. The bicycle awaits as well. I don't currently feel the urgent need to throw myself to near death as a Devon coastal resort. For me (personally) the great benefits are not going to come from partial easing whilst the virus is still widespread. What I really miss won't return until the situation is massively improved. Until then, sitting tight is fine.

  3. Certainly an appealing prospect, though seeing that backed up elsewhere is an important next step, before we start to work out why.
  4. For me, there is much appeal in holding the small gatherings for family and friends in the garden that are now permitted. I believe it can be done with minimal additional risk.
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  5. BTW, do we know if there will be any vaguely up to date statistics published regarding Track and Trace?
  6. Not for a bit Alex - when the government has gone quiet on it you know it's an utter shambles
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  7. Something that's been perplexing me for a while is the seeming lack of a follow-though epidemic in other populous parts of China. Even if one is not inclined to believe much the Chinese authorities say, it doesn't seem plausible they would be able to cover up a significant outbreak in Shanghai or Beijing.
  8. It is not the case that there were no outbreaks in other parts of PRC. However, there was a pretty vigorous track/trace approach which appears to have brought it to a halt quickly. The best analogy, I guess, would be the approach in Korea which followed a similar approach. All of this assumes that the statistics are accurate of course.
  9. Ministers 'consider relaxing UK travel quarantine'
    So, quarantine to kick off... and maybe terminate soon after... the length of its duration being determined by the need to save face... Mind you, saving face may take some time... depending on character...a good test to come
    ... and of course, this will be decided following scientific advice...;)
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  10. Read something on Twitter this morning suggesting the blanket quarantine has been imposed because we do need to restrict travellers from the US but it's politically tricky to put them on a specific blacklist...
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  11. Nothing yet on the cancellation but I've just had an email from EasyJet announcing their Summer Sale :confused:

    "We’re delighted to announce we will be flying to many of our European destinations again soon. To celebrate, we’ve launched our summer sale with over 1 million seats now available!
    With prices at £29.99 for travel between 1 July and 31 October 2020, now’s the time to grab summer by the beach ball.
    But these summer sizzlers won’t hang around for long, sale ends 9am Friday 5 June 2020!

    Shame my refund won't materialise for several months involving a number of frustrating emails, threats etc. so I won't be able to book anything by Friday.
    Must admit, as soon as I submit a refund request, I'm tempted to set the ball rolling on the Holiday Insurance and credit card chargeback.
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  12. Interesting read.
    SARS cellular immunity memory can last this long?

    From another aspect, why seasons very often play a role in respiratory infection is a long discussed issue.
    Simply for how things usually are, other coronaviruses usually prefer Dec to Apr:
    What are the seasonal patterns of rhinoviral, coronaviral, enteroviral, and adenoviral upper respiratory tract infections (URIs)?

    The reasons behind that? Not totally clear.
    There are different aspect to examine this scenario, for example:
    Association between viral seasonality and meteorological factors
    And we know coronavirus in the enviornment doesn't like high temperature. But like people already discussed, MERS spreaded firstly in middle east, and SARS spreaded firstly in sub-tropical or tropical Asian regions. There is a hypothesis suggest that human beings have different level of immune response in different seasons.... but there is no good conclusion yet.

    Also, if we look back on 1918 Spanish flu... (It's a flu actually origined in the US and it was neglected at the first place, too. Funny and sad at the same time to see now the US blames China for being the pandemic origin; in the same logic the US needs to be responsible for 50 millions death from 1918 flu.)
    The worst second peak hit at Oct 1918.

    Of course, Covid19 is not flu. While it is also not SARS.... We can only be catious and see how it moves.
  13. Having just driven through central Bordeaux. Apart from the masks worn by 1 in 5 or so things are total back to normal.

    Though in shops, customer numbers are limited and masks mandatory in some.

    Restaurants and bars are open.
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  14. EasyJet cancellation email arrived this morning with an option to claim a full refund. I just hope that clicking on the link isn't the equivalent of Frasier and Niles going through the Platinum Door after blagging their way into the exclusive day spa La Porte d'Argent :D
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  15. I hadn't seen that Frasier before, so funny
  16. I sometimes wonder if us wine geeks sound like them (or even worse).:eek:
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  17. Wonder no more Paul.
  18. Especially if you have a coravin to allow a peek inside that special bottle, there are loads of "platinum doors" a jar in my wine rack.
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  19. Tom Cannavan

    Tom Cannavan Administrator

    Fawlty Towers is always (rightly) cited as the ultimate comedy for writing and its ensemble cast, but surely Frasier is absolutely up there too - and sustained over several series, not one short run.
  20. I used to bounce off it when I took the odd look back maybe 20 years ago. Maybe I should try again. I assumed it was American humour I didn't get (same with Cheers). However, I adored Curb Your Enthusiasm....
  21. Definitely worth taking another look as the humour crosses the Atlantic. A lot of it is around Frasier and Niles' ambitions to climb the social ladder and the usual mess they make of it trying to impress others. Its also their naive view of their insular world that makes them totally unaware of what goes on in 'real life'. Which is countered by their father Marty's life experience, who is a retired cop. His tatty old chair in Frasier's immaculate apartment is a constant source of amusement for me. Its a really good stab at snobbishness, basically, which is something many of us probably encountered in the world of wine.
    There are lots of wine and food references as well, which seem to be well researched.
  22. This is getting dangerously close to belonging in Tom's thread drift thread. But yes, Frasier is one of the best things out of America, and the wine references are great.
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  23. Oh heck! I didn't even realise this was the Covid-19 thread..... ;-)

  24. Not sure if this will work.
  25. I watched that episode a few weeks ago - it was hilarious.
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