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  1. Regardless today the parks are full of groups that obviously not from same household, more than 6 people and don't care about 2 meters rule, I have an issue on our very gentle and polite (compared to somewhere else) police officers:

    Why don't they wear masks?

    I have seen many times in recently weeks that when they 'handled' community members, they were having loud communication with maybe less than half meter distance, none of them wearing mask. I know colleagues don't need to follow social distancing, and police van are often packed of officers anyway, but even when comfronting people in communities? Either side can be virus spreader. Let alone the fact that they would be correcting people's behaviour so should set an example, how about their own safety? Isn't there a case or two some people spit on police officer?
  2. I'm still confused about the mask thing. No clear guidance coming on that. The impression is that there is no evidence that masks help (unless you're coughing or sneezing) but it seems common sense that talking is like a low-level sneeze.
  3. Yes I saw this the other week and it concerned me as the research shows though the subjects avoided many symptoms they still transmitted. So where are we with the world vaccines. The Australian one seemed quite far advanced into Phase 3 with Oxford behind that but looking at phase 3. There is also a US one but not heard much recently on that.
  4. We had intended travelling by car to Provence leaving Scotland on 8th June and I had bought EasyJet flights for my daughter, partner and grandson to join us from 14th June. We will not be travelling and its pretty obvious that EasyJet will not be flying from Edinburgh to Nice then (I've even had an email from Nice airport saying as much - the only UK destination from 15th will be London). Yet EasyJet still insist on playing brinkmanship. I have had 3 offers to transfer to other flights/destinations but I'm not interested in the slightest and they should just come clean and confirm the flights from Edinburgh to Nice will be cancelled so I can proceed with claiming my refund.
  5. I think waiting for the science is partly why we have been one of the worst affected countries in the world.
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  6. I think you'll hear very soon, Paul. They say that they are reviewing flights on a rolling seven day basis. Not acceptable, because grossly insufficient notice of the cancellation of one's holiday.
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  7. We have been struggling a bit getting a deposit back on Emirates flights where they have been living under a pretence that the flights will go ahead when we all knew they wouldn't. They have finally accepted that they are cancelled now. We may accept credit towards next booking or otherwise pursue a cash refund.

    In another matter where the booking refund has not been forthcoming we have had to go down the road of sending a letter before action (as a last resort) which has so far been effective.
  8. EasyJet;
    I was due to fly on 1st May Lyon to Oporto. EasyJet said would only look at it within 7 days of the flight then offered voucher/rebook/refund but you had to go round the merry-go-round several times before it actually let you hit the refund button. Then got an email as below:

    "We are working hard to process your request as quickly as possible. Due to the exceptionally high volumes currently being processed as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, we will try our best to complete your request within 28 days following submission. Please do not contact us regarding a previous request unless it has been more than 90 days since you made your original submission."

    No refund yet
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  9. I have 6 segments with easyJet or Ryanair to deal with. I think the pain of doing so is probably not worth the refunds!
  10. That's what the airlines are hoping. Lots of Brits who live in the S of France and lots of holiday-home owners have been monitoring the low-cost airline websites looking for flights and booking them as soon as they appear. They seem to think O'Leary has some crystal ball on when government travel restrictions will be lifted. What they are doing is advertising flights that they know won't happen in order to sell tickets. Some passengers will cancel, some will accept a voucher, some will demand a refund and some will let it go. All those are good for cash-flow.
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  11. Yet another excellent reason to avoid Easyjet and Ryanair when possible.
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  12. in fairness, across along period of time, EasyJet have endeavoured to look after their customers well and to make all charges clear up front. I have been impressed by the service I have had with them, prior to the Covid crisis. I have not travelled with Ryanair for over 20 years and hope never to again.
  13. Agreed. I would happily fly Jet2 or EasyJet but never Ryanair which has an utter disregard for its customers.
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  14. Another vote for Easyjet - 100% better than Ryanair. I’ve managed to restrict Ryanair to two flights in fifteen years. Ryanair really is the pits.
  15. R = 0.7-0.9.

    Infections running at 54000 per day.

    Obviously time to lift lockdown.
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  16. How do they calculate R? That estimate hasn’t changed for 3 months!
  17. Per week, is it not? it still seems quite high to me.
  18. There was a particularly low point where their aggressive attitude to customers started to hit their bottom line, and even O'Leary said things had gone too far and they needed to improve. FWIW I think there was an improvement, but they still remain a crap experience. Why do I use them? Convenience of airports at both ends typically. If more flew out of Norwich we'd use them, but once you've been to Amsterdam, the only scheduled overseas option is the oil-rigs and the food does not compare well to Italy.

    In UK, Stansted is reasonable local and we're even served by train with a single connection. The airport refit was a major annoyance, with the forcing of customers through a narrow channel through the overpriced shops. See it's not just Ryanair who are shits to customers.

    In Italy, the range of airports gives us greater flexibility and their penchant for smaller and more out of the way airports has generally suited it us. In addition, small Italian airports aren't as bad an experience as most airports, with the staff very much more relaxed about baggage limits than those in the UK. I recall getting a perfectly good espresso in Parma airport for a euro, the going rate nationwide at the time - and that in the departure lounge.
  19. Where are you getting this from?
  20. Ian

    I love regional Italian airports, and small airports in general
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  21. Sorry, that was careless, I think you're right Tom and Tom, 8000 per day.

    It was from a BBC website story early this morning which I'm now trying to re-find.
  22. What I don't know is if they mean confirmed +ve tests OR estimated infections, which will be two very different things. It reads like the former, with the mention of not counting care homes or hospitals. Arguably not a particularly useful number to interpret.
  23. Thanks Ian, I think that was it but it may have been edited since I read it, as the 54000 figure (presumably per week) that stuck in my memory no longer seems to be there.
  24. Interesting piece on BBC Click this morning (will probably be available on iplayer) about Audrey Tang and how Taiwan responded to covid, particularly the use of tech/apps to pool and communicate information provided to and by citizens so that authorities could act early with tracing/isolation, ppe production/distribution, and counteracting unhelpful rumours. The angle is that it builds on the experience of Sars and recent political experiments in broadening out democratic processes so that citizens are actively involved rather than passive.
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