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Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Mark Dey, May 20, 2017.

  1. In the spirit of spreading the wealth I thought it might be handy to have a thread where we share our knowledge of good deals in the market.

    The commercial folk have their part of Tom's forum to let us know of developments which would be lovely to complement with a thread for private buyers to share their good deals. Caveat emptor, of course... And these deals don't usually last long.

    Here's one to kick it off:

    2008 Moet and Chandon, Tesco Groceries (or in-store) £36 a bottle, and if six bottles are bought it takes 25% off knocking it down to just over £27 a bottle. Bought at 5pm today.
  2. So I notice that Sainsbury's have the 25% off all wine offer just before or at the same time as Tesco. Today is the case. I have just noticed Dom Perignon at £90 a bottle (down from £120) and Lanson Gold Label at £26.25 (£5 reduced, then 25% off) if you buy six bottles of anything. These offers don't last long, so fill your boots if you need it.

    By the way I don't mean for this just to be UK-centric, it would be useful to know what offers happen elsewhere as they crop up.

    For delivery from 23/05/2017 to 04/06/2017, albeit these offers don't apply to Scotland where I live!!!
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  3. Thanks Marc just picked up 6 Moet 08.
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  4. Whilst I'm loathe to big up supermarkets, Sainsbury's has Taittinger NV for £21 net. Mrs C spotted it & the inevitable followed.
  5. I picked up a few bottles today. Might make another visit before the offer ends.
  6. Mrs D won a competition for 6 x Taittinger NV, 6 x Taittinger Rose, the world's largest ice bucket, 12 etched Taittinger champagne glasses, an apron and a fizz bottle stopper... for once, we're not short of it! :D [​IMG]
  7. Not the world's biggest ice bucket, but it would do for me......
  8. Ice bucket or wine cooler?
  9. Baby bath?
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  10. At M&S, if you buy one their "Dine in" meal deals for £10, you get a free bottle of wine thrown in, including a delicious St Mont normally £9. Offer ends today.

    Leon Stolarski has a new list including a good offer on 6 bottles from Domaine de Montesquiou.
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  11. Nyetimber from Ocado at £23.99 currently and I bought some Taittinger, thank you.
  12. Given that the prize arrived the day before baby #2, we seriously contemplated this option! ;)
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  13. Did Mrs D carry the boxes in herself to kick off labour? :eek:
  14. Thanks for this. I duly went to M & S and bought a Dine in meal and a bottle of St Mont. The wine is excellent and worth the £9 they usually charge for it.
  15. This offer happens on an occasional basis - Ocado have 25% off for certain products if you buy three (mixed). Some prices are a right royal rip off (e.g., Smith Haute Lafite) whist others are very marginal (e.g., Roederer NV). But, there are reasonable ones too. The UK price for 2007 Bollinger Grand Annee seems fair considering it's now dropped from on a similar offer from M&S. Musar can be topped up for roughly the same price as the offer at Booths, and 1er cru Fevre Vaillons is a reasonable buy too if you like it.

    There's quite a few more options but tread carefully!
  16. And Waitrose of course. 25% off if you buy three bottles. Until 13 June.
  17. Waitrose do indeed seem to be offering the same selective 25% off (a few wines are excluded). It is also worth noting Ocado and Waitrose, although overlapping in stock, have quite a few different line items so it's worth fishing about a bit. Ocado seems to have a wider range.
  18. Waitrose Cellar has just joined the fray, with 25% of everything including high end champagne. There are some fairly good prices on larger format champagnes and the 2011 declared year for the various ports seem to be good value with the quarter knocked off. I checked what the Port Forum thinks about the price of 2011 and Waitrose seem to be in the right ball park.
  19. The forum decided against having 'dislike' as well as 'like', so you'll have to make do with a *grrrrr! from me, as I wasn't planning to buy any more wine for a while, but 6 halves of Musar now ordered, as we never have enough halves.

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  20. I fell off the wagon too Ian, having the need for yet more (??) of the 2011 declared year for port. The Smith Woodhouse on offer at 25% cannot be refused as it's a good price for a quality drop.

    Well, this is the first line of my excuse as the other half is in the car on the way back from work and I'm thinking of the most plausible excuse ahead of time. I may need to do better than the above, I think.
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  21. 'It's an investment'. It used to work for me. Used to......
  22. You almost led me astray. I reached the checkout, then I remembered the poor service they provided on my last two orders.
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  23. For those interested I see Ocado has 25% off 2009 Cristal. I know some on the forum have a fondness for this product.
  24. TWS have 2008 Ardanza on a case discount at the moment. £216 for 12, reduced from from £264.

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