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Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Gareth J Welch, Nov 3, 2018.

  1. Thought it’d be fun to split this away from the COFR mega-thread.

    But in these days of penury, what bargains (if any) are you all looking out for on the run up to Christmas.;)

    I’m looking for
    Sub £30 (nearer £25 tbh) 20yo Tawny - got Sandemans last year.

    Single Quinta ports round about £15-16 or so - got Quinta daVargellas 2004 last year - not yet drunk any but the 2001 is very good.
    And Quinta de Cavadinha, a bit darker not quite as nice but still decent.

    Any interesting Sherries with a nice discount, Apostoles or Matusalem for instance.

    Fizz - love to get Bolly or Tatty at £20, probably not so much chance anymore.

    Piper at £15 - everyone likes this stuff, a very consistent decent basic ‘pooh.

    Maybe a good dry Riesling discounted to well below £10 - Aldi’s exquisite is very inconsistent, and I don’t rate Tim Adams at all and the Tingleup is uninteresting, as examples of Rieslings normally in that range.

    So what say you all, or is this all a bit embarrassing.:D:p
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  2. Morrisons currently have a 2000 Warre Colheita (so kind of an 18YO Tawny) for £20. It is really excellent and a complete steal.
  3. I think this is a brilliant thread btw
  4. Nothing here. Whilst there can be some appealing prices on fizz and fortifieds, their numbers are already sufficient in my cellar, so it makes no sense to buy just because "it's a bargain". Being close to my (happily) constrained space for wine, really does help clarify the mind.

    I will however pick up some nice bottles in Torino before xmas. They'll be keenly priced vs. UK and what I really want, which in my mind makes for true value.
  5. Hi Richard,

    May I ask how long that’s been there?

    I don’t often go into our local Morrison’s but I did on Wednesday (where I got the Jadot Macon 1/2 for £4), had a look at the Fortifieds - mainly to see whether they had the Warres Cavadinha reduced, but didn’t see that bottle.

    It’s would be exactly in my wheelhouse, as the Americans would say.:)

    Will have to try and take another look.
  6. Good questions, Gareth. I'm always up for bargains but no particular goals.

    From my observations, your Champagne target prices are about a fiver too low. Expect 25% off 6+ at Tesco and Sainsburys at the end of the month, which will probably coincide with other discounts. Note promotions generally run Weds- Tues

    Only 10yo, Aldi have their Maynards in store at £10.99. FWIW 95pts from Decanter and IWSC silver or gold.

    For Riesling, Lidl have an Alsace (forget the details) due in 22 Nov, rated 90pts by Richard Bampfield. I've generally found their special buys a bit underwhelming, even those Richard scores highly.
  7. As it's the early days of Xmas madness I began with kneeling at the alter that is the berry bros shop in Basingstoke today.

    This isn't cheap now but it is the festive season and might pique someone's interest. 2011 berry bros port made by Symington at 88 quid per magnum, knocked down from 110. It should be ready to drink by the 2032 festive season!
  8. I've never been to that store Mark, do they ever have any fizz on sale?
  9. Not quite to the standard or degree of speciality you would seek Steven, if my reading of your posts is accurate enough to assess your interest. In fact very little fizz in the bin ends on today's trip of any form. I was almost tempted to try a bottle of gusbourne 2012 at £28 each. I don't get along with English sparking wine enough to know if this was worth the effort so it's still there. All 6 of them.

    I didn't look at the dedicated fizz section outwith the bin ends but it looked quite interesting.
  10. They got it in pre-summer. We drank a bottle with Steve Slatcher of this parish and thought it very good, and a real bargain.
  11. My best tip is not to buy Champagne for this Christmas, but if I do, it should be for next Christmas...
  12. If anyone finds the Lego Death Star significantly under £400 let me know.
  13. Did I say I was buying the fizz for this Christmas ;)

    I have 2015/6 bought Lanson, admittedly the Piper seems to disappear within the year though.
  14. Who needs children! I'm in for one too!
  15. My aim is not to buy any champagne that I will never get around to drinking.
  16. Picked up a mixed 6 of Bolly halves, for Mrs C, from Asda. Grabbed Taylors 10YO (bottled 2017) for £16, not part of 25% offer.
    Went into Morrisons for lightbulbs (ended up with the wrong ones, again) & spotted Croft Porto Vintage Quinta da Roeda 2005 for £9/half. Care needed - had to pop back in for refund as charged original price.
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  17. Well, sometimes such tactical realities make elegant strategies worthless!
  18. It’s not much help to Gareth dahn saaf but Booths’ “own label” 20 YO Tawny Port is a whisker under £20. IIRC it’s supplied by one of the Symington companies.
  19. My Christmas aim is to deepen my understanding of olorosso via purchase and test.

    There are plenty of options for buying it but if anyone has good ideas then let me know.

    Other sherry hasn't worked for me except PX which is a delight on a cold day when out in the countryside taking lunch. It keeps the chill out of the bones.
  20. The Super Star Destroyer is the one to get Uillaim! ;)
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  21. You may be wrong there. The south has this thing called Amazon Fresh who have a deal with Booths so the Tawny Port is available at £21 :)
  22. Good to know, Mike. I bought a bottle in Booths, Clitheroe, a couple of weeks ago but I’ve not yet opened it.

    Mark, that’s an admirable objective. Oloroso is absolutely wonderful (but then, so are amontillado and, especially, palo cortado). But you don’t need to look for Christmas bargains because these wines are ridiculously under-priced anyway.
  23. M&S do a number of sherries, from Lustau, in half bottles. They are all very good but the Palo Cortado is probably my favourite.
  24. A half bottle of Morrison's Oloroso was notably excellent recently, and I am not usually a huge fan of Lustau sherries.
  25. Hans Lang?

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