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  1. Does anyone have actual experience of childcare in the covid-era?

    We were planning to get daily childcare from April but lockdown made interviewing impossible and of course we can't control what the carer does in the evenings. With no help available for the summer we have gone abroad where we can get help at our family house but wonder what others in London will be doing in the autumn or whether all are resigned to the prospect of continuing to work from home (providing jobs permit it) and juggling childcare?
  2. After a tricky few months balancing it between us whilst both working full-time (basically working In shifts to cover our Son’s whole day between us), we gladly accepted help again from my Mother-in-Law for a couple of days followed by Nursery for the other weekdays at the start of July.

    I feel the nursery has handled it really well and has protocols in place. Our Son is really enjoying being back. Of course, it is not without risk (toddler’s don’t do social distancing and, despite the “bubble” concept, it obviously increases potential exposure) but on balance it feels right for us. I should imagine daily childcare in your own home would probably mean less exposure to risk but, as you say, it depends on what the individual does when not at work.

    There is surely a limit to how long one can juggle both work and childcare responsibilities and ensure that every family member’s mental health stays intact. On the other hand, a real benefit of lockdown is the amount of family time we have had.

    I hope you can find a reasonable solution that works for the three of you.
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  3. I have twins at nursery albeit not in London however the set up seems good and the boys are happy :)
  4. Both my kids are considerably happier since returning to nursery/pre-school a month ago, that's for certain. Their using a "bubble" system where they're in groups of 8 and have specific key workers they can interact with. Parents aren't allowed in the building, and they've shortened the hours to 9-4pm to allow for the additional H&S measures to be undertaken, which is a bit of a pain in the arse for us with work commitments, but is understandable.

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