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Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Richard Ward, Jul 25, 2020.

  1. Matt Christmas has posted on twitter that Chez Bruce is reopening at the end of August and bookings are being taken. Great news, hope it goes well for them.

    Anyone know if/when The Glasshouse and La Trompette are following suit??

    Really tempted by a short London break before we return to school...
  2. Planning to be back by mid September.... Nigel, please get on with the reopenings...
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  3. Tom Cannavan

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    Well, fab lunch in the 1* The Cellar in Anstruther today, so two serious restaurants in the past 7 days, both with food, service and ambience as good as ever, discreet and very manageable covid protocols in place.

  4. Ooh - that is properly exciting news! I tried to convince my wife to go the Monday before lock-down but she thought it extravagant for a Monday and we rearranged for the following day - at which point they closed. Hopefully we'll get to visit again but as, all being well, our next trip up will be to leave town (after handing over various wines to various forumites!) no idea when.

  5. News travels fast. As things currently stand The Glasshouse will reopen for lunch on Friday 14 August and Chez Bruce for lunch on Friday 28 August. La Trompette is expected to reopen in early September.
  6. Marvellous, now I just need to convince Vicki that another Chez Bruce/Glasshouse double is how we need to spend the last week of the school holidays....:D
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  7. That’s great news. Hope all goes well. My local opening around my birthday so will see if I can wangle a visit.
    Funny enough I just looked on the website this morning to see if GH was open.
  8. Really great news !
  9. Looking forward to visiting these great restaurants again!
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  10. Excellent news!

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