Celebration dinner - wine recommendations please

Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Duncan Watt, May 22, 2019.

  1. I am planning a celebration dinner to mark my 40th year in a few weeks and need to pick out a white wine for the occasion to match with the following dish: King crab cream Pappardelle with salty lemon jam and lemon zest.

    Budget is around GBP20-25 per bottle excl VAT (no duty here in HK!). I was thinking about 2011 Kumeu River Estate Chardonnay but would be grateful for thoughts from all of you.


  2. I'd opt for something with a bit of weight, and with those ingredients it has to be something Italian from the South; Pietracupa Greco di Tufo would work really well if you can get hold of a bottle
  3. Thanks Mark - that sounds great. Wierdly, this is one of those wines that has an inflated cost in Hong Kong - more than double the price you would be able to pick it up in the UK. However, I will have a think about other southern italian possibilities.
  4. You could try the Marcel Deiss Burg 2011.
    Not everyone likes Alsace whites, but it has the weight, acid and is off-dry, so it ticks my boxes for a good match.
    I picked it up for HKD300 from Xtrawine on sale recently. They still have it, but it's not on sale right now.

    2nd choice Assyrtiko.
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  5. Aligoté?
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  6. If I am not totally out of order, I will just point out you can get the Riverby Chardonnay 2015 in HK and it should fit well inside your budget. I am just drinking a bottle and it looks rather nice, but I am of course slightly biased.
  7. Always a good choice.;)

    Wondered about GrüV, but that might struggle with the lemon jam. (But then, the crab might struggle with the lemon jam too.)

    What about Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi? I don't think I've had a Coroncino VdCdJ that's disappointed, and I suspect it might work well.

    Riesling would, of course, be excellent, but it would need one more in the Alsace style than German.
  8. Not sure of the retail prices in HK but Domaine Weinbach should be available so how about the pinot blanc?
  9. 8 posts & no one has mentioned Pinot Gris. Is this a record?!
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  10. They haven't even mentioned sav blanc yet Mark, and a good one would probably work reasonably well with that dish.
  11. Pinot Blanc is the new Pinot Gris dontchakno.:D
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  12. I'd say Pieropan la Rocca would work quite nicely Duncan, if you can find one with a bit of age.
  13. How about the white “E Prove” Domaine Maestracci from Corsica?
  14. Although it’s true that no-one has recommended Alsace Pinot Gris, the Forum is at least maintaining its customary approach whereby every single commentator has a different recommendation, some of them admirably obscure :)

    Myself, I’d probably be looking at Chablis or its New World equivalent, or riesling, preferably from Alsace or Austria and not too dry. In HK I imagine you’ll have plenty of suitable within-budget Australian/New Zealand options for either a chardonnay or a riesling.
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  15. With a rich dish like that I completely agree and there are any number of varietals that, made in the right style, would qualify. Personally, I would lean towards chardonnay, but a fine riesling is also a safe bet as it is such a versatile wine.
  16. Duncan I had a bottle of this last week, Cantina Terlano-Kellerei Terlan 'Vorberg' Riserva Pinot Bianco Alto Adige, and I think it would fit the bill quite well, really impressive stuff, decent stone fruit weight but with a lovely acid line keeping it fresh. I see the 14 is about £25 in HK on wine searcher.
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  17. Lots of good suggestions already except Sauvignon Blanc has only been mentioned in the context of not having been mentioned although Kevin suggested a good one would probably work well with the dish.

    I agree but I really don't know the highly rated SBs from Down Under but many would surely be available in HK and do a good job.

    As for good Sancerre any of the following e.g. Alphonse Mellot's Edmond or the Jadis or d'Antan or St. Henri of Henri Bourgeois or Thomas Labaille's Aristides or Gerard Boulay's La Cote should have the weight and acidity to do a good job. In fact while these are the more expensive Sancerres of those producers some of their other wines [look at Vincent Pinard and Lucien Crochet too] should work too. IMO any good Sancerre is likely to be a decent match.

    But so would the other proposals you have had. It just may be that SB offers more choice in HK in the price range you have indicated.
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  18. Honestly I guarantee your guests will not care what you serve as long as it’s of reasonable quality :) I am sure your Kiwi Chardonnay will be well received
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  19. Thanks all - I will do some scouting over the weekend, which will be fun in itself.

    Keith - good point - I am fairly certain that I cannot go too far wrong :)
  20. This is nice stuff, on the other hand it has risen in price so alarmingly recently that I am put off due to their gouging

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