NWR Car stuff: what can we expect in the next 2 years?

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  1. I mentioned this on the Tesla thread but thought I would ask for advice more generally.

    I need to make a choice now as (a) I am choosing to make France my permanent home, and (b) my 48 month lease deal of my diesel Volvo XC60 (which I have liked a lot) comes to an end next month and I need to hand it back or else cough up the residual value to keep it.

    these are my general thoughts:

    Diesel is seen as the villain now but I think it is partly a swing of the pendulum and I suspect a modern diesel is less damaging than petrol.
    But clearly I would rather switch to a greener option. However I am disappointed by the speed of development and the significant pricing upcharge for even quite unsophisticated hybrid options.
    I will be doing less of the really long haul options than before but would still expect a few journeys outside full electric range, thus with need for complete recharge on the road. eg occasional returns to UK.
    A large boot space is a requirement so I suspect I would prefer to remain in SUV format (which suits my height too).
    I am an untechnical person so do not want to complicate my life unnecessarily.

    So my questions are:
    1. Do you expect a significant breakthrough in technology and/or better pricing in the next two years? In which case I might just hang on to the current car.
    2. Electric car charging thoughts: how simple at home (no problem with access here) and on the go, assuming non-Tesla charge points. Cant quite get my head around what I have been reading on these.
    3. Any particular car recommendations. It may make sense to go with a French make for ease of servicing etc and I suspect that there are not many forumites who currently roule a la francaise.

    Or is the time to go electric for the following car in 4 years time

    All advice gratefully received
  2. You might consider 2 cars? An electric runabout (eg a Zoe) and a diesel for long trips. Not sure how that works financially in France, though.

    Old (I.e. run-in) diesel Mercs should be quite cheap now.
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    I think I said somewhere in the Tesla thread that I am minded to go down the "don't worry too much about what you buy now, but plan on electric with your next car in four or five years" route, for all those reasons of a fast developing market, the competing systems possibly aligning or having winners and losers, and a developing infrastructure. It is all personal choice of course, influenced by so many factors, financial, environmental, accessibility.....
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  4. Alex, we have a local car anyway (Peugeot Partner - need that size and shape) though if we needed a run around then I think Zoe might well be our choice
  5. For long distances I think electricity isn't really an option right now. But for running around electricty is an option. After installing a photovoltaic device we are producing so much electric energy that we will be able to load up an EV at least from March to October beside supplying our house as well. Therefore we ordered a Mini Cooper EV. The idea to drive with our self produced energy is quite fascinating. Hope it will work.
  6. My main concern with EVs is the sourcing of lithium... I worry that it could become the next palm-oil. Atrocious working conditions and environmental depredation in remote parts of China, Bolivia, Chile.
    And apparently the manufacture of Tesla-style batteries requires enormous concentrations of electricity, mainly from filthy coal-fired power stations in China...
    So for the moment I will continue driving my as-clean-as-possible petrol cars. Mazda especially are doing quite extraordinary things in terms of power/economy/emissions at the moment.
  7. For long distance the only electric car I would buy at the moment is a Tesla. Otherwise get a French car I always buy local if possible
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  8. Jasper - don’t count on any game changing technological breakthroughs any time soon. The technological progress is more incremental.

    I agree that you can afford to wait. I bought a new car in October on a three year lease thinking that in three years I may switch to hybrid or electric.

    So I bought a Petrol Renault Megane RS which was very cheap to lease in the UK even though it is a premium sports model. The build quality is now almost Germanic.

    Given it is French it is a car to consider. We are in Vienne tonight - we have two bikes in the car and there is plenty of space to spare.

    P.S. Congratulations on making France your permanent home, a much more civilised and well run country.
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  9. I assume you are dining at La Pyramide, whilst in town?!
    Mme Henriroux is a proper host & was utterly helpful in trying circumstances
  10. I want a hybrid that will go more than 100 miles on a charge and is preferably made by Volvo, but I'm not sure "they ain't are quite there yet" to quote a well known rapper.
  11. It's a shame that Range Extenders aren't more popular. Seems like a really sensible way to do a hybrid to me.

    The Polestar 1 almost meets your requirements, David! ;-)
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  12. Yes Mark quite an experience, will post some notes on the other thread. Didn’t mean to distract from the subject matter on this thread.
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  14. I hear that EU may remove VAT from EVs. Might affect the balance?
  15. Have decided on a Honda CRV hybrid on which I managed to get a very good deal. However next year will replace Abigail's all purpose Peugeot Partner and may well go electric on that - either it or Citroen Berlingo will be available by then
  16. I got here too late!

    The Polestar 2 might have worked for you. It's not a full SUV, but it's certainly elevated slightly. Goes like stink, great build, decent value. Only downside is the poor colour choice, inside and out. To have a non-coal bunker interior costs £4k!

    The next big leap is solid state batteries, but they are some way off. Shame; they are rather less toxic to the environment. Current battery density is improving slowly, but steadily. 2025 should see 300+ mile ranges, with 400+ being the outlier. Tesla are doing well in this field, as they should; they are a battery maker with a car business bolted on.

    I'd give it a three year wait - and buy a car designed to be electric from the ground up (Jaguar iPace) rather than a repurposed ICE car (Audi e-Tron).

  17. Indeed Ray, it became increasingly clear to me that we are still very much in the waiting room at the moment. So with PCP style financing it is easy to change when technology has advanced to where we want it
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