Travel BYO Friendly Restaurants in Singapore?

Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Leon Marks, Dec 6, 2018.

  1. Brains trust

    In the new year I shall be visiting Singapore and it seems I have enough sufficiently wine nerdy friends and colleagues that something Offline-like may well eventuate...

    So - given that this group knows something about pretty much everything - any recommendations for a BYO friendly restaurant - ideally one which serves food that will go well with red wine...
  2. I'm there just before NY and Chiu kindly suggested Nicolas, Brasserie Gavroche and Imperial Treasure (Chinese) as interesting places.

    Caveau has closed down which is a real shame and Les Amis looks really pricey now.
  3. Nicolas and Imperial Treasure are BYO friendly. I think Brasserie Gavroche is buy one bottle to bring one bottle.
  4. I am there mid Jan-Mid Feb so will be very interested on possibilities too.
  5. My pics are:
    Gattopardo - Sicilian restaurant and allows BYOB one per person free on Mondays and Tuesdays
    Zefferano - Italian restaurant and allows BYOB free (from memory) on Saturday (quiet in office diatridi on weekends)
    Otto - BYOB on Mondays

    Most Chinese restaurants are ok with a minimal corkage fee.
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  6. Good to know for future reference. When we lived there we only found places where corkage was going to be pretty steep....i.e. much higher than the the mark-up on a bottle of house wine.

    I quite liked Zafferano on the two occasions I went there around 2014/15. Pretty quiet in the evenings, but with some really well executed Italian dishes and great views outside. Seemed to be a bit of a power-lunch venue.
  7. Yeah the owner is Russian and doesn't seem to mind that the venue is half empty...profits don't seem to be a key focus. Nice food and a little controversial in that they have a no children policy at dinner.

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