Brew Rebellion Brewing Co. John Paul Jones Chocolate Strawberry Stout (10.2%).

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  1. AFDDAE5F-FED9-4A43-A434-24A8703AF4A8.jpeg 22oz bottle served in tulip glasses, February 2018. Brew Rebellion are based out of San Bernardino and have made a reputation for themselves with their John Paul Jones series of flavoured stouts.

    This was the third John Paul Jones I’ve tasted alongside the Peanut Butter Stout (10.1%) and their Chocolate Banana Stout (10.9%...this one was a bit odd).

    That said, the opening salvo of the Chocolate Strawberry Stout began with an enticing aroma of rich chocolate covered strawberries, followed by opening, middle and closing flavours of dark bitter chocolate, coffee grounds and strawberries, which centered around a medium, not-too-thick body.

    Overall, the strawberry flavour was the star of this ensemble, which really dominated the flavour profile, ably supported by its chocolate counterpart while the coffee notes added a balance to the performance.

    Further dark chocolate notes with a dash of dark fruit were noticed as the strawberry continued to bleed into the long, dry and lasting finish of this beer which also brought forth a hint of bitterness. A very good offering from Brew Rebellion and the most balanced one I’ve tasted yet.

    I noticed their White Chocolate Raspberry Stout (10.9%) in my local beer store the other day, so that’ll be one to keep an eye on.
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