Bordeaux 2019 EP going ahead?

Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Edward Bolland, May 16, 2020.

  1. Prices like 2008 would bring a lot of people back to the market esp. with all the uncertainties for buyers. But I doubt that the established wineries will be so clever, perhaps they will grant 15-20 % reduction but that won't be enough to stimulate the market imo. The lack of tasting notes and typical eP frenzy will be , beside the economic perspectives, another downside aspect. I'm buying en primeur now for more than 30 years and I've the feeling that 2018 might have been my last buy without the chateaux acting according to the situation.
  2. From a Fine & Rare email today:-
    Chateau Belle Brise, offered today at the unprecedented release price

    Production is miniscule here – from a tiny 2ha walled garden

    · Released at 20% below last year

    · Priced below the 2015 vintage

    And the spin begins.
  3. How many members of this parish will be buying 2012 Latour at £4200 (12) ? Not many I suspect.
    Current mode that’s 300 bottles of Very decent Beaujolais or splash out a bit more for ‘96 Margaux. No contest.
  4. Average vintage, non-average price. £5000 (DP) buys you an awful lot of very good wine. I wonder whether it will sell at that price?
  5. I don't think many of us would buy it at that price, however I still think it will shift - because there will be wine investment managers buying as an asset rather than something to drink. First growth Bordeaux probably not the most unsafe location for capital.
  6. Terte Roteboeuf out at £790/6.
  7. Only the 3rd email in and the terms “very rare” (annoying) and “quite unique” (most annoying” have appeared.
  8. Pontet Canet down nearly 30%, my main problem is that with each passing vintage I am less likely to be around to drink the wines at maturity.
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  9. A decent price on the Pontet Canet to be fair...
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  10. Yes, a fair price for Pontet-Canet.
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  11. It seems fair in the context of what we expect from Bordeaux en primeur pricing, but I'm not sure it is fair overall. Fine if your priority is a vertical or celebrating 2019 in the future, but wine-searcher gives ib prices for 2000 and 2005 of 95 to 99 ib, and far less for lighter vintages, versus about 62 for the 2019. Factor in the cost of storage and the cost of tying up your money, then the issue of buying the wine without the chance of tasting it or even reading the impressions of others, then the opportunity cost of having to predict your tastes a further 15 to 20 years ahead of time, and it doesn't seem like a compelling opportunity.

    I'm not suggesting we should be rational; irrational enthusiasm is probably the best route to happiness for many things, including wine, but I didn't have much trouble deleting the emailed offers. Perhaps I'm also influenced by Ed's acknowledgement of how old some of us will be when this is at its peak.
  12. The offer landed in my junk mail & remains there.
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  13. Will buy old PC for the same price. What Druin said.

    Thanks God Bordeaux comes in ample supply and everybody (in the UK) is mindful to cellar it. Well almost everyone.
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  14. Great guys, I bought too!

    After buying last year, I had to get my £/cost average down. Thinking now, another case would improve the stats.
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  15. Agree with Eric.

    Isn’t the PC 15 about the same price?
  16. I picked up a case of 6 bottles of PC, what the heck not the end of the world. And in a moment of madness to 'celebrate' the occasion opened a bottle of the 2002!

    First impressions of the 2002 – pleasantly surprised considering a damp vintage. On the nose blackcurrant, graphite with buttery undertones. On the palate not particularly concentrated but blackcurrant, bell pepper and considering the vintage a good length.
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  17. I see that a merchant in Stourbridge is already asking £910 for a dozen Pontet Canet. Speculative pricing or has the first tranche sold through and this reflects second tranche prices?
  18. BBR still have at the original price. Maybe James Suckling's tasting note today?
  19. Apparently Lisa Perrotti-Brown as awarded PC 98-100 points. Be interesting on Neil Martin's view.
  20. I bought 12 halves of PC 19, what the heck? Jean-Michel Comme’s last vintage is my feeble excuse - plus solidarity with Alan - but I fully believe it is outstanding. Halves are a very useful format for over-50s and difficult to track down after the EP buying season. Some more reviews:

    Pontet Canet 2019. Fine Wine from Bordeaux
  21. Palmer today out at 161 € from what I hear
  22. Lafleur is out of the traps, c. £500 a bottle.
  23. Hi. It's been a while.

    I've bought 2 x 6 Pontet Canet. First EP since the 2009 vintage.

    I'm seeing Laroque touted as a lovely wine to drink - and I do prefer the softer fleshier style of the right bank. Should I buy? £105/6.
  24. For me Pontet Canet has been the buy of the campaign so far.

    Batailey price looks fair which works out at about £36 on the table which just happens to be about the same price as the 2012s are going for at Costco (hmmm). The 2019 is probably a better wine though yet not many reviews.

    DdC is no doubt lovely yet in the context of other vintages the price looks a bit toppy.
  25. Anyone got any information on the reported alcohol of any of these wines? Especially Pontet Canet.

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