Black Tower

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  1. What happened to the iconic bottle, up there with Mateus Rose glass?
  2. Well Thom, I see its white but is it fruity. Do tell.
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  3. It seems, regrettably, that the iconic bottle no longer exists. The wine is breathtakingly inoffensive, almost tasteless with a slightly yeasty twang, a little sweetness, almost no acidity and a hint of petillance. Had I just consumed a few gin and tonics and a packet of Navy Cut it might hit the spot perfectly. It isn't unpleasant with prawn cocktail, which as everyone knows is a very nice dish. Fair value at £5.25 but I won't rush out for more.
  4. Ps loving the bottle matching your table cloth!

  5. I spent a couple of summers moonlighting as part of their events team - great fun - we used to get to go to some great Gigs (Hard Rock Cafe's London Calling in 2006 a particular treat, Boyzone less so). Don't remember what the wine tasted like though. No sign of light damage from the clear glass Thom?
  6. I wonder where its from. A friend(?) turned up with a merlot version to a wine group as a joke, and that was southern France.
  7. Definitely no light damage, I think the Sainsbury's shelf had been freshly stocked. Is there an additive that prevents light strike? I would assume that Reh Kendermann, former proprietors of Domaine Bertagna I believe, would use it if there were.
    The European Union, according to the bottle.
  8. I like the new livery, but why did the marketers decide to use red for 'Tower'?
  9. Are you wearing your flared loons Tom?
  10. I think those were for disreputable hippy types, Richard. I am wearing a smart blue suit and tie as the managing director is about to arrive for dinner.
  11. Bet his shirt matches the label
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  12. Beat me Thom
  13. Former owners?
  14. Current owners too, it seems. I thought it had been sold but I was in error.
  15. I feel responsible for your experience, but thank you Thom for enduring this, at least partly on my behalf!!
  16. My pleasure, Richard. My first impressions were not too bad but the idea of a second glass is really not one that pleases at all.
  17. Is that the managing director's usual tipple, or are you trying to leave a good impression? Good news is that it doesn't look pox'd.:rolleyes:
  18. Did it go nicely with the Black Forest Gateau too?
  19. Quite a forbidding corporate headquarters too:

  20. This is something of a retro thread. What next? Hirondelle or Blue Nun, I suppose.
  21. Not forgetting Le Piat d'Or and Lancers.

    Offline anyone? :p

    Dons coat, hat and face mask..............
  22. Well done for stepping up to the mark, David! Hirondelle appears to have been discontinued but a note on Blue Nun would be warmly appreciated.
  23. ....... obviously he’s forgotten his trousers! :p
  24. Its like Abigail's Party in real life.....

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