NWR Big Green Egg Barbecue

Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Nigel Palesford, Apr 2, 2020.

  1. Hi all,

    Just wondered if any of you out there have one of these and what do you think of them? Considering getting one for the lockdown and would be very pleased to hear any opinions about them expressed.

  2. I have an Aldi copy, much cheaper, less sturdy I guess but very happy with it overall
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  3. They're great. I also have a copy (from CostCo - the PitBoss 24) and am very happy.
    Bryan has the Kamado Joe (which is one of the better copies!).
    Charles Taylor has the real egg, and Adam Flint has a big one and a baby one!

    They're very controllable, so great to go very hot (eg. for a pizza) or low and long (eg. for pulled pork butt/brisket).

    I have recently replaced my gas BBQ with a Napoleon gas, so for a quickie I tend to use gas, reserving the slightly more faffy kamado for special occasions.

    One advantage of the branded ones (KJ and LGE) is that there are lots of fun accessories that can easily be found. eg. the "Joetisserie"
  4. I've got the Kamado Joe version, also extremely happy with it. I'm sure there have been several threads previously but I'm just off to bed!
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  5. We have had our BGE (a 'Large') for about a decade, using it solely for 'low and slow' cooking/smoking. Indeed, I'm firing it up this morning to cook a piece of brisket, which, with corn bread and coleslaw, should make my confined and increasingly irritable family very happy. I hope so!
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  6. I caught up with these wonderful looking contraptions whilst I was at Wimps in the outpost of the Borough cook shop in Chiswick HS.
    I had gone in to look at the Jancis glass.

    It seemed to me at the time that the genuine item with suitable accessories would be about the same money as a Lifetime dining at The Ledbury.

    I thought it was a fabulous thing and made a mental addition to the list of things suitable for when the lottery numbers come in.

    Already on the list is a two channel audio system with Sonus Faber speakers.
    For some reason I am sure that many owners of one will have the other.
    Hope this is not a distraction to the thread, things are a bit odd at the moment.
  7. Heads up Aldi are releasing their egg style bbq tomorrow
    Good buy imo
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  8. Thanks Ian but too late as we went for the Kamado Joe which is excellent!
  9. For charcoal grilling I can’t speak highly enough of the PK360. It’s a really smart design - with closable vents on the top *and* bottom, a grate which folds up to allow you to put more charcoal or wood on, and a thermometer which measures from the side rather than the top - and so is of some actual use...

    It also looks like a space age 50s thing - which I really appreciate.

    PK360 Grill & Smoker Review
  10. L
    Looks very trendy.
    Like all the others mentioned here I am struggling to ascertain what sort of plug they connect with:p
  11. A 5 Pin Din of course Ray!
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  12. Spekon’s?
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  14. OMG, I totally want one of these! During my travels in Japan I visited numerous proper yakitori restaurants (possibly my all-time favourite restaurant style) and they all use grills like these. I have a little portable Weber that fulfils the same purpose but if I'm honest, it's a pretty poor subsitute.

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