Best source for Zaltos?

Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Nick Miller, Nov 20, 2019.

  1. Thanks for this - I'm not on their mailing list but have sent them an email - any thoughts on how to access this offer without their emailed offer?
  2. It's an open offer I think Nick - but you do have to collect - just put an order in.
  3. Hi Nick, It is an open offer, but we don't like bombarding people who haven't told us that they want to be! We previously used to offer delivery on them (and still do on the anything else) but with the time of year we found outside of central London they were real issues with timings. If not against the rules if you DM me your email I'll send it across,
  4. Picked a pair up an hour ago for €32 from a good shop in Bordeaux. Clos des Millesimes. After an hour or two in the Cite de Vin with visitors. The Cite de Vin shop have had them on back order for a few months but can’t get stock.
  5. Still loving my intact 6 pack of universals picked up a couple of years ago. They won't break if you look after them and don't dry them up by twisting the base whilst holding the cup at the same time (the usual way people crack them and then blame zalto).
  6. Just picked up 6 Universals from the Sampler offer. Thanks for the tip-off!
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  7. MIght anyone have advice on how to clean wine-stained Zalto Universal glasses and a Zalto decanter? My dishwasher seems too risky to use for them, being smaller than normal in size and rough with water glasses. I've thought about using apple cider vinegar and bicarbonate of soda.
  8. Have you tried old-fashioned washing soda, Ben? it can work miracles on stains-make a thick paste with water and if that doesn't work add a little white vinegar to that.
  9. Vinegar and bicarb is 99% sure to work. Washing soda will make it a stronger mix, but I guess you're less likely to have it sitting in the pantry.
  10. A surprisingly useful substance though, Bryan, and very widely available at about £1 per kilo!
  11. Yeah, I keep meaning to pick some up - but bicarb generally does the job, and there's always lye for the real tough jobs.

    If I get washing soda I think it'd be mainly for laugenbrötchen, because I'm too nervous about using lye for that...
  12. A small amount of bleach will do the trick. That said, as i’ve posted elsewhere, I have come to consider a tarnished decanter a sign of success rather than failure.
  13. Spoke too soon as above. Broke my first drying the bowl of the cup, no twist of the stem or the base. I did not think that I applied any more force than usual but unfortunately the glass shattered explosively into my dishcloth. Fine crystal fragments went everywhere. The dog was evacuated. A shard landed in my toe. Blood trails in the kitchen! A bit of a nightmare to the say the least.

    Long story short, even if you have had them for 4 years do not rest on your laurels! I would advise extreme care when drying with a tea towel. I was sure I was not going to break any...
  14. After doing the same as you Graham (to my immense frustration) I concluded that Zaltos are designed for dishwashers - ie no touch. We put ours on the accelerated glass wash with half load - with nothing else loaded. You have to get them out the minute the cycle finishes, and, depending on your dishwasher, the glasses are pretty dry bar the edge of the rim and the base where the rinse water collects (as they're supported at an angle)
  15. Re washing soda, a deeply browned and wizened forty year old Le Creuset came up really almost as good as new with washing soda and vinegar the other week, to my considerable surprise. It is better not to use it in food unless you can get food grade, baking bicarbonate in the oven until it loses a third of its weight will do it.
    I share your wariness of lye, though I have used the Chinese lye water which is mostly Potassium Carbonate to make noodles and wontons. It is one of the instances in which I have decided that for me it is really better to buy such things, fond as I am of DIY.
  16. 67 pm offering discounted Zaltos...
  17. Members only?
  18. Correct but there are plenty of members around here...
  19. Thanks, Thom, Bryan and Leon. Hadn’t heard of washing soda but will try that or bleach if the vinegar and bicarbonate of soda fails to work.
  20. Needing some white wine replacements, we purchased a set. An excellent recommendation, Neil. We might return for a set of reds, on the basis 'you can never have too many wine glasses'.

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