Best source for Zaltos?

Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Nick Miller, Nov 20, 2019.

  1. I'm after a Zalto Universal or two. Prices seems to have gone up since my last purchase! Anybody know where to buy for the best price? I'm a Londoner if a physical store is involved.
  2. Funny I was just looking myself and the cheapest place in France is a shop 15 mins walk away.

    I realise that doesn’t help much though. ;)
  3. Tom Cannavan

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    Track down Daniel Primack of (spelling is correct) and mention my name/wine-pages - he has done keen price deals for the forum in the past and is a main Zalto distributor.
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  4. Purchase Gabriel Glas glasses. A no brainer, cheaper, and can be washed in a dishwasher. 1 Glass does all
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  5. Lovely glasses both. We live in a world in which much is not ideal but the ease of purchase and the great profusion of excellent glasses represents a great step forward for humanity over the last quarter century.
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  6. What sort of price are we talking ?
    £28.33 for the universal in a box of 6. I paid £32 for them singularly but just checked and sold out at a wine merchant (forum changes name to wine merchant - funny forum but out of stock anyway)
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  7. Around Wine (now maybe Eurocave UK) on Chiltern Street usually has a full range of Zaltos in stock and Lea & Sandeman tend to have the odd one or two (but I’d phone to check L&S before making the trip).
  8. Nick, there is a page on Daniel’s site listing retailers called “where to buy Zalto". London options include Winemakers Club and Uncorked
  9. Thanks all. I’ve generally purchased at my local Lea and Sandeman in Chiswick - but they are now £38.50 each - hoping pay a bit less. Mike - where did you pay £28?
    Tom, I’ve contacted Daniel, thanks. And Max, I’ll have a closer look at the Gabriel glas - looks nice in the pictures, and a lot cheaper ...
  10. Nick,
    The Gabriel Glas is available in at least two levels of quality from memory the Gold (fine) is a bit more expensive than a Zalto Universal.
    Like Max I find it a great versatile option, but I have recently formed a view that once a glass has been used for red stuff its life as a suitable vessel for fizz is over, no matter what the cleaning regime.
  11. Against Ray's advice I did grab six of the non gold edition. Perfectly fine for my level of every day drinking, however nowhere near on the level of the zalto, much thicker and heavier.
  12. Does anybody know a London store where I can see/feel a Gabriel Glas? They don't seem to be very well represented, I can only find them on Amazon.
  13. They certainly used to be available at Newcomer in Dalston.
  14. Tom,
    I think I would be with you that the regular Gabriel is durable and fine for a mixed everyday diet.
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  15. Possibly Hedonism?
  16. For the past two years at least, maybe more, The Sampler have had a 30% off Zalto sale at around this time, pre-Christmas. It was basically one of their "co-shipping" orders, so one had to buy six of any model, but it was a great deal, £140 for six on the Universals.

    Might be worth contacting them to see if they are planning the same this year.
  17. And they still are, at £22 for two or £60 for six (for the basic version).
  18. Do bear in mind that there are two types of Gabriel Glas glasses - the ordinary version is what we use as a daily driver because it is inexpensive and highly functional, but it is not close to the finesse of a Zalto. The Gabriel Glas Gold is the same shape, much thinner and lighter, and is what competes with Zalto et al. It's also significantly more expensive.

    Given the shapes are exactly the same, we get on just fine with the cheaper version from a function perspective (and the rim is still plenty thin), but it won't appeal if you want a really delicate stem.
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  19. Thanks all again - I'm buying a Gabriel Glas, the cheaper machine made version, to see if it cuts the mustard, it does seem more practical and less likely to get broken by wife stuffing it into the dishwasher.
  20. just for the record you can put ZALTO glasses in the dishwasher. They are made for it according to the CEO of Zalto. But I would recommend only to put glasses in the dishwasher, not also adding dirty plates and cutlery. When the program is finished, open immediately the dishwasher and use a towel for cleaning the edges of the glass.

    Note: I am using ZALTO glasses for almost 10 years.
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  21. Let us know how you get on as looks a good “everyday / visitors” alternative.
  22. Newcomers do have them allegedly but Amazon is as good and more efficient.
  23. Nick

    If you do so, be very aware that the glass is pretty thick and doesn't have much in common with Riedel/Zalto. Their Gold version is comparable to the latter though
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  24. Sampler just sent their Zalto pre order offer again, 26.44 per stem for universals (in a six pack, just noticed is collection only)
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  25. 67 also sent out a Zalto Xmas Offer today

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