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Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Mark N Wright, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. Hi, my Partner and I are off to Berlin in March for the first time. I see on here there is a few threads about the city but the main focus is on restaurants.

    Being a total newbie to Germany any tips, places of interest, must do things please?

    The area we are staying in is called Mitte.
  2. I tried very hard last year to find traditional German/Berlin cooking done superbly and without shortcuts, and I failed. I suspect it is the wrong thing to look for.
  3. There are various things that all the normal guides will tell you but I would make the point that in March it can still be bloody cold and wet and that will (a) dictate what you do (b) considerably spoil your time there if you are not prepared for it
  4. End of March can be quite warm in Berlin, first glimpse of spring. I will return tomorrow for recommendations.

    Mitte is the best place to stay.
  5. Thanks Martin. I also had a look at wine shops and there seems to be loads. Planet Wein looked good although struggled with website. We are going on the 14th March for three days. My Missus doesn't know anything about it yet and I can't allocate foo much time to wine related things so one or two visits probably realistic.

    It was meant to be a surprise gift for my partner (and me) although I knew they were planning something and was asked to give a list of about 6/7 places we would like to visit. the person organizing it slipped up giving my email address as a contact so I got confirmation of the bookings as well.

    The apartments are called Clipper City Home apts.

    Used to cold and wet weather in March (and April, May, June etc).
  6. Planet Wein is a very good wineshop in Mitte/Gendarmenmarkt around the corner of Hilton Hotel. The female owner is a true expert and famous in Berlin.

    I would also recommend the shop Wein&Glas near Kurfürstendamm in Berlin West. The best wineshop in Berlin with a remarkable collection of German wines. But also Italian, french etc. All German Top estates you will find there.

    Wein & Glas Compagnie GmbH
    Prinzregentenstr. 2
    D-10717 Berlin

    And Weinladen Schmidt with various shops in Berlin.

    Entdecken Sie unsere 6 Filialen in Berlin I Weinladen Schmidt
  7. P.S. in the last years end of march was quite warm&sunny in Berlin thanks to climate change, around 18-20C
  8. There is a restaurant called Rutz in Mitte on the first floor on top of a wine bar where you have the most amazing wine list (including many many German wines).
    We had diner in the bar where the menu is very limited but excellent (they even grated some Alba truffle on my tripes a la German...for a minute supplement...) with a bottle of GG Mosel (Von Schubert Herrenberg).
    We also had a great Sauerkraut mit ein Schwein Schienbein in a typical German restaurant which was very copious and great with beer (I hardly drink beer but had to...) and various others as there are thousands of them.
    The highlights are the Museums where there were very few people. One of them had a fantastic collection of Paul Klee and Picasso Berggruen or something like this and of course the Neues Museum (Nefertiti) and many others I don't remember the name
    Do rent a bike to explore Berlin. There is very little traffic and it is safe and really convenient to go from place to place.
    I have got a nephew and a nice living there so it was helpful.
  9. Rutz is good. If I were going now I’d want to check out the new restaurant (Cordo) replacing Cordobar. Though Ernst is far and away the most interesting restaurant in town IMHO. Booked for consecutive days on my next trip.
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  11. I don’t think that’s the case Martin, Reservations for March only opened on 1 Dec I think and there seems to be availability.

    It won’t suit everyone though.
  12. Russell, I assume that Mark is looking for something more casual. In addition ERNST is located such special in Berlin, as the district Wedding is really more for indigenes. haha

    But fair to say if a guy from Abu Dhabi is going every year to ERNST it has to be good.
  13. My dining experiences are a bit like my wine purchases - limited financially. I am definitely in no position to go to a Michelin star restaurant. However under no circumstances would I also want to go to Burger King or similar chain, but try something genuine but that does not cost the earth.
  14. There are many ‘Ethnic’ restaurants along Kantstrasse. I really like the Korean Arirang, very basic place.

    Also Kurpfalz-Weinstuben sounds like it might fit the bill, though the wine list isn’t what it used to be before a change of hands.
  15. I also strongly recommend the new wine-bar Freundschaft by the former chief Willi Schlögl from the Cordobar.

    Mittelstraße 1
    10117 Berlin
  16. My Berlin is so different to Martin’s, so please ignore where I think is the best place to stay (a big warehouse apartment in Neuköln) and eat/drink (JaJa and Bramibals donuts). We might agree on one thing though, that is that the Brücke Museum, a train and bus out west, is one of the best art galleries in the city, and the nearby forest/lakes is a nice area for getting some fresh air and a walk (though dog walking central on the weekend).

    As a German it’s possible that Martin May also disagree with me on this one too, but as a tourist we (that’s me, wife, son and his wife) all enjoyed the DDR Museum (close to the cathedral). We didn’t intend to visit but had time to kill before dinner one day last Feb and ended up entranced.

    Also go to see the graffiti on the section of wall that’s been left...the East Side Gallery.

    Soy is also a favourite restaurant, vegetarian oriental. Been for lunch and dinner. Arrive early or there will be a queue. Good for vegans.

    Personally I think Berlin is fantastic...for food, wine and culture. It is clearly the new London, except there are no hoards of suits (presumably all in Frankfurt).

    Get a transport pass at the airport if there for say a week. About €32 IIRC. You can get anywhere with it, even a train out to Potsdam. Transport between metro, tram and bus is seamless in Berlin. Once you switch on to that it’s amazing. The pass is worth it if you want to get about town.
  17. Off to Berlin next Thursday, weather looks awful but hope to see a fair bit. Any more travel tips, advise or recommendations before I go please?
  18. I would definitely advise the wine bar below the Rutz in Mitte restaurant... very reasonable price (I think less than 30€... without the wine...), excellent food, as much wine variety as one could expect...
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  20. If you are there on a sunday and weather is ok the walk from Bernauer St to Mauer park in the afternoon is interesting. Lots of public infornation on the wall. And the park has a huge ‘flea market’ selling interesting stuff. Lots of food stalls too and musicians.
  21. It wasn't last year! We were there at the end of March and it was bitter. Fabulous city, though and I'm very keen to get back.
  22. We went in February 2018. It was the coldest I’ve been for at least a couple of decades but well worth wearing six layers for. The new London, they call it.

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