Beavertown Humuloid DIPA

Discussion in 'The Beer Forum' started by George Marshall, Nov 17, 2017.

  1. C9AFE772-43BB-4585-AACC-2BB1918C7CA9.jpeg Wow. What a beer. Not subtle at 8.7 ABV but so complex. I’d previously thought Cloudwater to be masters of balancing high alcohol in a truely rounded and drinkable package but this is a tremendous beer. Layers of depth and flavour. Worth seeking out. I cleared the shelf of the Baker St Oddbins. Hopefully more in the wild. Might even topple DIPA v13 as my all time favourite.
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  2. Haven't seen this but Beavertown are a very solid brewery.
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    Think it was one of their limited edition runs.

    Had the Spresso last night. Not had a coffee stout before. A mild 9%. Very good indeed.
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