Beaujolais 2018 -how good?

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  1. I have ordered 3 or 4 so far, will report back as I taste them. I’m tempted by the Oliver Merlin
    Moulin a vent , But having only had his La Rochelle worried in what style it will drink. I was a big fan of the latter but it was very atypical Beaujolais. I last had a bottle of the of the 2009 Rochelle and t was still youthful.
  2. David, Olivier has backed down on extraction since 2009. I have really been enjoying the 2016 recently, though it will certainly keep
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  3. I always bemoan the passing of Le Cep in Fleurie , for both its food and great wine list and of course Madame. Would be grateful to hear of other great wine lists in the area , or just good bistros , food recommendations.
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  4. We enjoyed Le Cep enormously and discovered some great Beaujolais producers via her recommendations.
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  5. If you want quite smart Michelin star level meals, there are the Auberge de Clochemerle (Vaux-en-Beaujolais) and l'Ecume Gourmande (Cercié). Both are excellent. There is the Relais de Parasoir, at Saint Cyr-le-Chatoux - very authentic and convivial with stunning views and the Echanson at Vaux (the junior version of the Auberge de Clochemerle), situated in the old town hall. Great value and a lovely terrace. The Café des Sports, in Fleurie, is still good fun and a great people-watching venue. Josephine à Table, at le Platre-Durand (St. Amour) is not posh but very good. There are some other 'bigger' names but they often warrant a detour....
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  6. Mixed case up at TWS, containing the following for £130:

    The Society's Exhibition Cote de Brouilly 2018
    Morgon Les Charmes J M Aujoux 2018
    Domaine Montangeron, Fleurie 2018
    Domaine du Moulin d'Eole Chiroubles 2018
    Domaine du Moulin d'Eole, Moulin-à-Vent Les Thorins 2018
    Juliénas Esprit de Marius Sangouard, Trenel 2018
    Stéphane Aviron, Maison de la Madrière, Fleurie Vieilles Vignes 2018
    Stéphane Aviron, Chénas 2018
    Regnie Domaine de la Plaigne 2018
    Moulin-à-Vent, Domaine du Granit 2018
    Domaine des Coteaux de Font Curé, Brouilly 2018
    Saint-Amour, Domaine Des Côtes de la Roche 2018

    I have stuck it into reserves while I work my way through the bottles from BBR
  7. That’s a good list for the price, if I could stop buying other wines, I’d fancy working through that myself
  8. My two favourite restaurants are Josephine à Table in Saint Amour-Bellevue and Ema in Avenas.
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  9. Nick , very interesting , I literally did the same (slight variance) except I plan to have mine delivered and gradually work my way through them. Currently obsessed by the wines of this area and just how unloved under the radar it is.
    Most interesting to learn there are actually 86 Beaujolais villages of which 38 are entitled to have the village name on the Aoc label. Reference my bottle last night ,Jadot’s 2018 Beaujolais Quincié, which was fair.
  10. Andrew, I've heard quite a few good echos about Chez Ema, up in Avenas. I'm intrigued to know what it is like, as I've never been there, despite living in Beaujolais for so many years.
  11. Not made it myself but the local vignerons speak highly of it. It has lots of good local wines on the list, apparently. I think the menu is quite small but well executed.
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  12. Some of the best cooking in Beaujolais and a wine list that has some old rares (her Dad is a grossiste).
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  13. Thivin’s Cote de Brouilly Sept Vignes 2018 tonight. My first bottle. Very lovely. It has the aroma of violets behind the fruit that seems to be a characteristic of this vintage. Ripe, sweet fruit, very plush but there is backbone too with some tannin showing after it has been open two hours. Lovely this summer then leave till 2025. Glad I bought a case.
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  14. I own this too, although I’m guilty of drinking this all too soon. I love Thivin, it was this wine that got me back into the whole region. Has me wondering now how that would drink in seven years.
  15. Saw a couple of offers on Foillard Cote dy Py but I passed based solely on the ABV (14.5%). Rectius, I will buy by the bottles and not by the case as I normally do.

    Not sure if this is foolish but hey ho.
  16. I’ve only bought the Roilette Tardive, which is meant to have an ABV of 13%. Hadn’t seen Claude’s negative impression beforehand but hoping he had a bad bottle. The 2012 is lovely at the moment.
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  17. Roillete is also a perennial favourite. Much less so ("per niente!") their new wood cuvee...
  18. I've bought another bottle, Ben, this one is SF and of course nine months later. I'll report back.
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  19. Any thoughts on Joseph Burrier (Ch de Beauregard)? my only experience is an 09 Morgon.
  20. It seems almost every small grower has one of these super-oaked cuvées. My theory is that they exist purely as a way of extracting a bit more cash from passing Belgian tourists who want to buy the "Presitge Cuvée".
  21. Another two lovely examples , again underlying what a joyful vintage this is. Burgaud more approachable and enjoyable at this point. Roilette best kept for 3 or more years. The former highly recommended 54495330-E9E2-40F5-B7D7-C9F56F0A5C11.jpeg
  22. The Burgaud was one of the wines I mentioned in my 'conversion' post up-thread - delicious, and great value.
  23. I couldn’t resist TWS recent Beaujolais offer, the mixed case arrived today, although technically I didn’t buy any more wine as my other half brought this
    We wanted to keep to the cru level and try a range of villages, the Chateau de Moulin a Vent was a relative splurge
    price wise but we’ve brought and enjoyed many of their wines, aside from the Thivin at £17 everything else was £15 and under

    Chiroubles Domaine de la Boisselire 2018 (no added sulphur)
    Domaine Jean Marc Burgaud Morgon Cote du Py 2018
    Dom Coudert Brouilly 2018
    Julienas Dom du Greffeur 2018
    Domaine Jean Marc Burgaud Regnie Vallieres 2018
    Saint-Amour Domaine Les Cotes de la Roche 2018
    Stephane Aviron Maison de la Madriere Fleurie Vieilles Vignes 2018
    Brouilly Pierreux Jean-Paul Dubost 2018
    Chateau Thivin Cote de Brouilly Les Sept Vignes 2018
    Dom des Coteaux de Font Cure Brouilly 2018
    Stephane Aviron Chenas 2018
    Ch du Moulin a Vent La Rochelle 2018
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  24. This is Alexandre Burgaud, cousin of Jean-Marc. It's a wine I have been drinking a fair bit of this year, made of his older vines (he declassified the younger vine fruit to a straight Beaujolais-Villages, even though the vineyards are in Lantignié and could qualify for that appellation.
  25. Good spot! Glad to see the Burgundy tradition of confusing producer names replicated here

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