Beaujolais 2018 -how good?

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  1. Are they just doing the VdF wines ? Or is that how they are released now ? Chunky pricing for VdF, I find they take a few years for the fruit to shine but can be lovely
    I’ve a few moulin a vent in the cellar from 15 and drank my declassified VdF from Fleurie In 14 that didn’t make the strength, but that wouldn’t be the case in 2018 would it ?
  2. It was starting to annoy me that I didn't like them, so pleased I did find something to enjoy. I expect I'm still going to dislike a higher % than most regions/grapes, but there was plenty to appreciate in Anne's picks.
  3. Nick/Simon

    You are talking about two different cuvees from L-C Desvignes. there is a Javernières which I would imagine comes in at around £20 when in stock, and a cuvee called Javernières les Impenitents from more than 100 year old vines which is the one retailing at £37.50 on the BBR site. I have bought it in past years (2009, 2010) but am not planning to start in on those any time soon.
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  4. Aah, thanks Jasper, that makes more sense!
  5. yeah, must confess I really don’t understand all the labelling/naming of the cuvees. En remont is basically Fleurie but it’s labelled VDF. It’s 14% in 2018. There may be some other reason like where it’s bottled or whatever but i don’t know.
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  6. I like the straight javernieres of which I've still some 05 which was still good a couple of years ago. However the impenitents is a big step up, I have had 3 of the 2010's over the last couple of years and it is just delicious. I'll try hard to keep my hands off the rest, but will be hard.
    Jasper, when do you aim to start on yours?
    • 2018 Louis Claude Desvignes Morgon Javernières Les Impenitents - France, Burgundy, Beaujolais, Morgon (11/03/2020)
      Very dark; initially smart nose, palate all over the the place - at one stage there was a corky hint. Definitely in the natural spectrum, the bouquet moved in a strange phase. Towards the end this cleans up, showed some polish & dash, with contained alcohol. Not for the faint hearted. Very interesting & merits a revisit. (88 pts.)
    Posted from CellarTracker
    Amongst others, a wine selected by a relative when dining at Le Soufflot pre- Covid-19. Listed at €55.
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  7. Thanks, given the regular Javernieres isn't in stock I hadn't noticed it was different. Any thoughts on the (in stock) Desvignes La Voûte Saint-Vincent?
  8. I've not tried this as it wan't around when i started buying the javernieres. When Thomas D'W did his aged beaujolais dinner, it was the Thivin wines that really stood out, but the new wave of producers weren't represented so don't know how they would have stacked up against them. It really did show what great value the region is for the good wines, and still is probably although prices have obviously gone up quite a bit.
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  9. Has TWS been selling the 2018 Brun ? If so I appear to have missed it annoying but I have some 2017 and 2015 left.
  10. Nick, Voute St V is their entry level Morgon, still lovely
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  11. I've just received a delivery of a mixed half case of wine from a local shop. I had ordered a bottle of the 2018 Brouilly VV from Lapalu. Instead they've sent the 2019. Can this be drunk now or should it be left for a while?
  12. Yes, a couple of months back. Now gone. I managed to pick up 6 but not tried yet.
  13. There may be a small amount of the regular Javernières appearing in stock in the next couple of days. ;)
  14. Just picked up some Thivin Cote de Brouilly Le Sept Vignes from TWS. They also have a really lovely unsulphured Chiroubles Dom de la Boisseliere 2018.
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  15. Julie dropped out of the AOP systems due to frustrations with SIQOCERT. They are all still the same wines, just labelled VdF.
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  16. F1C10ABC-CB80-4AAC-8875-94F27DA9A655.jpeg Had this from the local coco last night. Stunning value at £7.99. 2018 seems such a success across the region you could throw a dart left handed at the board with your eyes closed and score well. View attachment 12411
  17. Thanks mate
  18. Chaps, Who is THE merchant for Beaujolais ?
  19. I'm also interested in this. BBR and TWS seem decent. Lots at Alpine Wines too, including some more mature bottles.
  20. Another merchant who has a good selection is Christopher Piper of this parish.
  21. Good question. Not seen many who really take the region as a major focus. I did also ask the question about any good websites, blogs or early reports but haven’t really got a “go to” place for info or sales.

    I bought about four 2018s and they came from at least three different places.
  22. I’m sort of pleased that Beaujolais is still mostly under the radar. Yes, there are about half a dozen producers who can now charge more than £30 a bottle for their best wines , but there are many others who don’t or can’t but who are making great wine and there are many more quality conscious producers yet to be discovered.

    it wouldn’t surprise me if in 5-10 years from now most of the best Morgon and Moulin a Vent and the occasional other wine is north of £50 a bottle, however ageability is against most of the other cru, few of which improve for more than 7 years in most vintages.

    That it still needs to be sought out through trial an error from multiple sources is generally a good thing for those who are interested in Beaujolais.
  23. Indeed Kevin, I’m with you long may it remain under the radar. First rule of Beaujolais club is don’t talk about it.
    One can buy the Rolls Royce of wines from this region for in wine terms no money whatsoever. Great by themselves
    And very flexible with many food pairings.
    Even if the very top growers see a fashionable shit and increased price points still may other sources of joy.

    In terms of Merchants BBR must be up there.
  24. So far with 2018 I’ve bought Morgon - Jadot, Morgon- Burgaud, Cotes de Brouilly- Thivin, L’Ancien- Brun, Moulin - Janin amongst the better known. I will be looking to add some Perrachon, Tete, and Ch de Beauregard as well as trying as many others as I can find by the bottle so as to add more to the list.

    I’d also recommend

    Chiroubles Dom de la Boisseliere (TWS)
    Beaujolais Villages Pizay Reserve as per David’s recommendation above (co-op)

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