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  1. I publish this recipe every spring, I know. BUT it is such good and such simple. I made it yesterday on the countryside, it will warm your soul.


    250-300g Risotto (Carnaroli or Vialone Nano)
    1l vegetable or chicken stock
    1 glass white wine
    1 bunch ramsons/wild garlic
    200g butter (50-75g for the Risotto + rest back in the freezer)
    70g grated parmesan
    splash organic lemon+peel
    1-2 chopped shallots


    1. Chopp the wild garlic roughly


    2. Put butter, wild garlic, salt in a blender


    3. Add the butter to a cling film and put for 1-3h. in the fridge


    4. Heat stock. Then heat olive oil, also add chopped shallotsand cook for 3-5min


    5. Add the risotto and let it cook for 2-3min. Then add white wine and let the rice absorb the wine completely


    6. Regulary add hot scoops of stock for 20-25min.


    7. Finally add parmesan, lemon peel and juice + 50-75g ramps/wild garlic butter. Add lid and turn off the heat. After 5min….. ENJOY

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  2. I'm making wild garlic soup today.
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  3. Do you have a recipe for us Richard?
  4. Tim - I've never made it before and I'm making it up as I go along, so who knows how it will taste. If it turns out OK, I'll put something up on this thread. And I'm definitely not in the Martin Z, Tom B league!
  5. AB6B9D6E-4355-4E2F-8DD6-EAC93B752A4F.jpeg EDB38843-0018-4F4F-81D0-18E2A7634765.jpeg

    Funnily enough the fine weather prompted me to venture in to the garden. The chicken, leek and mushroom fricasse got upgraded with the wild garlic. The rhubarb will probably get eaten at breakfast!
  6. Made a spinach and wild garlic soup yesterday which was quite tasty served al fresco as a chilled soup. Half an onion and a couple of sticks of celery sweated down until soft and lightly coloured (10-15m). A very generous bunch of garlic, c.400g spinach, a small potato finely diced, salt, pepper, a stock cube and some water. Cooked it down for about 15 min, blitzed and then chilled it very rapidly. It was a shocking green - very vibrant. A bit of milk went in just before serving though cream would have been better. Some Devon Blue on the side was lovely and would have been even better crumbled in but some parties were anti the idea...
  7. Wild garlic makes wonderful gnocchi used as a substitute for spinach with ricotta. For some reason though it is not at all abundant in West London, unless I am missing somewhere.
  8. I'll have to try that. I have vaguely been wondering whether I can lay my hands on some milk fresh from the cow - homemade ricotta..?!
  9. I used a similar formula to Lionel, except I included leeks and used some chicken stock I had in the freezer. I'd also like to finish it with cream, but don't have any at the moment. I haven't eaten any yet - perhaps tomorrow.
  10. It should be made from the whey left from cheesemaking but unless one makes cheese at home in vast quantity that isn't practical. I make a simple cheese with whole milk curdled with Langdale's rennet then drained-highly recommended indeed if you can get green top, the difference in behaviour compared to pasteurised milk is both startling and educational.
  11. Wild garlic might be a wee bit early over here. But an excuse to do a route on the bike where I pass by it on a climb. Rather enjoyable with that pungent smell wafting in the air. I wonder if coming back in the car counts as shopping?
  12. We had some in our delivery this week.
  13. I've been foraging wild garlic for decades - in that time I've noticed that peak quality in SE England has moved forward from the first week in April to around the 20th of March (depending of course on how warm the spring is). A clear marker of climate change.
  14. Talking of rhubarb.
  15. yours needs picking even more than mine did!
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    The final product - garnished with carrots roasted with ras el hanout and some yogurt. Delicious!
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