Averys 1928 Grande Champagne Cognac

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  1. Dear all,

    My sister and I were each left a bottle of Averys 1928 Grande Champagne Cognac by our grandfather, i am thinking about selling them however i have no idea what so ever what they would be worth, I called Averys who said the Cognacs are so old they would not be able to tell me what they are worth.

    They have always been stored properly and the bottles and labels are in great shape, but i was wondering if anyone here at a clue what roughly they would be worth?

    Thank you,
    and Happy Christmas to everyone
  2. Hi George

    If you look at the websites for The Whisky Exchange or brandyclassics (I have no association with either) you will see that Cognacs from that vintage/age retail for around £750-£1000 a bottle - though a wine merchant's own label bottling would probably be a bit less, around £500). My guess is if you sold these at auction you'd get somewhere around £200-300 per bottle (possibly a bit more but you'd also have to factor in the seller's commission) but it might be worth getting a quote.

    Brandy doesn't really age in bottle (there is some glass age effect but maturation really happens in cask). Does it say on the label how long they were aged in wood? My guess would be 30-40 years.
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