Arnot-Roberts Syrah at Roberson

Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Robbie Ward, Jul 21, 2020.

  1. Just a quick heads up for anyone interested in these wines. The 2016 Sonoma Coast Syrah is down from £44 to £29. I love the low alcohol whole bunchy Syrah that they produce so couldn’t resist grabbing a few. I think there were 20 or so bottles left about 10 minutes ago.
    The Piedrasassi PS Syrah is also currently reduced down to £19.99, decent wine for the money in my eyes (and I like the squat bottles!)
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  2. Great that somebody else likes the Arnot Roberts. I bought a fair bit including their top syrah which I’ve not tasted yet,
    The Syrah is interesting and a light summer syrah reminding me a touch of those modern Spanish wines like Envinate.
    £29 is decent value.
  3. £29 isn’t bad, £44 I’m out, I like the wines but I will resist !
  4. Agreed Simon. Have splurged on a bottle at full price before but wouldn’t make a habit out of it. £29 seems fair
  5. I love their Trousseau!
  6. Yes had a bottle and good fun / quality. Pricing is a little up there on most of them like Simon and Robbie said. £44 is a touch punchy but £29 is a nice fair price. Think the trousseau was about £32 or so from memory and again mid twenties would be about right. Glad a few people have even heard of them.
  7. Piedrasassi make really great kit.
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  8. Am currently drinking the first of 6 of the aforementioned Piedrasassi. Actually better than their single vineyard cuvees. Fresher, more peppery, excellent balance. A bargain at 20 quid a pop tbh. Very glad I picked up a 6 pack.

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