Are we opening some better bottles as we approach lockdown?

Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Thom Blach, Mar 16, 2020.

  1. Pshaw. Non scientists. A double blind trial involving a number of wives of the different nationalities, the number being sufficient to provide good statistical power, is clearly indicated.
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  2. I’ll see your english/australian wives and raise you by going all in with an american wife from the deep south...
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  3. You scoundrel. I had managed to forget I have some of this having buried it under several other things. Now I'm going to have t dig it up. All in the name of science of course.
  4. broadly along the lines of M Palmer Esq's note but a definite yeastiness to add with this one. Back palate takes quite a while to get going but after circa 30s or so you start to see where this will be if given sufficient time. Red apple certainly, a perhaps with a bit of custard/crème patissiere. if one were to be feeling really depressed and in need of cheering up then a glass of this with a smoked salmon and cream cheese filled croissant would be just the job. I'll be leaving the rest for a while though.
  5. 9D52B38D-93F7-442E-BCA9-DCE5928F5B05.jpeg

    Clos Frantin Echézeaux 1999. Nicely mature, cooked plums and cloves on the nose, more spice and game on the palate, firm (but not obtrusive) tannins and a lick of acidity. Just a hint of VA on the finish which slightly detracts from an otherwise excellent bottle.
  6. Better bottle ? Does this one 'qualify' ? I think so.

    Can't be seen from the photo angle but this is a claimed 12.5% alc. by vol - seems about right. Sadly my last bottle of the case (12) of these. Console myself with having quite a few across '99, '01, '02 & '04 to move onto. Opened this last evening. Initially seemed as wonderful as I'd expected but over the evening puzzlingly seemed to smell/taste more & more slightly unpleasantly 'green' & almost unripe - akin to a 2004 or 2011. All those negatives aspects gone though ce soir (phew) for the last 3rd of the bottle. Now the 'real deal'. Very resolved, in terms of moved to that older burgundy phase, very, very stinky pronounced nose - inky, plummy, vegetal. Very cool fruited on the palate, super balance, tannins melted. Very nice 'lift' though, with again a resolved softness, cool, plums, raspberries, espresso, slightly spicey. Very, very long - just a hint of drying on the very back palate. Sooo much nicer on day (evening) 2, as originally anticipated. Was yesterday a 'bad day' on the bio tasting calender (or whatever its called) ? A privilege to drink this historic bottle; a testament to its sadly departed, too soon, maker. Salut Philippe. RIP.
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  7. Sounds good (on day two) Mark. Was it as cloudy as it appears in the photo?
  8. Not really (cloudy), the glass contents in the photo were from the end of the bottle hence maybe a bit murky but in no way detracted - from memory the wine was pretty clear otherwise, if uniformly quite faded (age) centre to rim. A lot more pleasant to finish day two than the latter part of last evening.
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  9. I think that qualifies!!!
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  10. E1721DA1-ADCE-4EAE-B91A-E728B327F1E6.jpeg AA30F517-B192-401C-96FB-F718114FFF6A.jpeg

    A couple of 2002s.

    P-H Rare, much more primary than a bottle from 18 months ago. Quite autolytic I n the nose, marked acidity with citrus and apple notes. Very good and with a long life ahead.

    J J Confuron RSV, herbaceous, gamey, beautifully nuanced, this has great balance and is n an exceedingly good place right now.
  11. upload_2020-5-17_20-11-4.png


    Some tellines with a Buisson Charles Aligote 2014 from Buisson Charles, maybe lacking a bit of energy but quite tasty and harmonious for lunch


    A superb Vosne Romanee les Reignots 2011 (why does Laurent makes a spelling mistake on the label? Maybe did not bother to dump the stock of labels... but this is strange year on year the same mistake...). Anyway, this was a delicious bottle light, smoky, spicy and with a great evolution, great nose and body, tannins resolved, "tres tres bon" noted Isabelle (and I enthusiastically concurred...) who is getting very happy some order was put in the cellar. The grapes come from the Pernin 2 small plots ( a few hundred bottles a year only) and I get my year allocation... despite the ban on new purchases, I am safe for this one (and Barthod, and Mugneret Gibourg if they stop hiking up prices...).
    I really love Vosne 1er crus and Reignots is part of the group (Beaumonts, Brulees, Suchots, Reignots... just longing the Malconsorts down under are still too young to broach).
  12. Alistair, Mark, My wife usually notes a French husband with luxury tastes can be expensive... probably more than an Aussie or an English wife...
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  13. Antoine -- I suspect that this is an old alternative spelling of the vineyard name. Pernin-Rossin used it on his label (perhaps Laurent is signaling that his wine comes from the old Pernin-Rossin patch?).
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  14. I'm quite sure he will insist that it is everyone else who is wrong!
    I wonder if any of those Pernin-Rossin wines ever came around. The wines I tried tasted as though there were dead bodies in the barrels, but I seem to recall that Michel Bettane was a great fan.
  15. Claude, you must be right as Geraldine now works for Dominique Laurent. Well, there are so many spellings. The only other reign(i)ots I have had have been Grivot and while their wine making/style is quite different (Grivot no stems, DL Reigniots with stems), both cuvees have remarkable aromatics and palate.
  16. Bettane was a great fan of Pernin-Rossin because he was an Accad follower and Michel was convinced of the greatness of Accad. That being said, I am a fan of several former Accad clients -- e.g., Grivot, Senard, and Confuron-Cotétidot. Étienne Grivot says he learned a lot from his Accad period and both Daniel Senard and Yves Confuron have told me (some years ago) that they still essentially follow the old Accad formula.

    I've not had a Pernin-Rossin wine in about 30 years (despite one of his former importers swearing 25 years ago that he would show me 20 years from then how great the wines were. What sticks in my mind about the P-R wines from the late 1980s is a Richemone that smelled and tasted exactly like a very grassy Sauvignon Blanc.

    I have had some very good Grivot wines from the Accad era.
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  17. EDA8B396-2FC5-40FF-BEB5-D633A2A5F365.jpeg

    Well, this was lovely. La Chapelle 97. Fighting wine. Bursting with autumnal mulch, soft red fruit on the turn, a touch of volatile nose-burn, with positively lascivious body and character. Proper peacock’s tail. Good firm cork, stored well and all the same On its last legs and obviously about to fall apart so do drink up.
  18. It does make one curious to taste a Pernin-Rossin wine again.
  19. But as a skilled medical research type she knew this was in your DNA when she took pity on you?
  20. Alistair,
    I am sure neither your wife nor I trigger any feeling of pity!... nor would Isabelle be led to build her life on such feeling. Both our respective charms played wonders and we are leading a loving, hedonistic and satisfying life...
  21. 999498F1-EC56-46E3-9EC5-A4009AF1627D.jpeg
    This is top pleasure Blanc de Blancs. Not a huge wine, and probably best drunk on its own. Cold cream, slightly under-ripe yellow plums, touch of buttery pastry. Hedgerow flowers, lemon pith and a touch of bitterness for interest. Not that fizzy, not that sweet. Acidic but not hurty. All in all the kind of wine you find yourself drinking dangerously fast in a garden full of May flower and their extraordinary scent. Diebolt Vallois BdB 2008.
  22. I was reading the note thinking that this sounds just like my sort of wine.

    A wine I buy a six pack (or sometimes 12) of virtually every year.

    Ain’t life grand!
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  23. Warming up for Monday

  24. And magnums in uber vintages.
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