Are we opening some better bottles as we approach lockdown?

Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Thom Blach, Mar 16, 2020.

  1. IMG_20200416_184907.jpg To go with some onglet tonight, my last ever bottle of this Paso Robles Hermitage-alike
  2. 15.4%. Wow!
  3. Thanks, Ian, sounds like a great bottle! Shame the prices are so high and availability so low these days.

    Yes, I think we were somewhat unlucky that day, if I remember the Pie Franco had a similar oxidised note which made it seem much more advanced than the Ruperstris next to it - seems like it could have been a phase. Nebbiolo really can be very fickle, can’t it? Probably the least willing of wines to be compared to others in a flight.
  4. What was interesting about this wine Oliver was that when I opened it I poured a little into an ISO as I usually do, and it had a decidedly brown colour and that oxidative note. I have been there before and didn’t panic and went ahead and double decanted it. Three hours later it seemed to have transformed. The oxidative note had gone and the colour seemed to be brighter and resplendent.
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  5. Andrew how were the contents of the bottle? I don't know the wine and if I saw it in a shop the label would prevent me buying it, I have to admit...
    • 2010 Pierre Péters Champagne Grand Cru Cuvée Speciale Blanc de Blancs Les Chetillons - France, Champagne, Champagne Grand Cru (16/04/2020)
      Light gold, developing colour, fine bead. Some development on the citrusy nose which flits between ripe pomelo and orange. An occasional appearance of a creamy mushroom element. Palate follows with citrus dominant on the front palate, surprisingly dense and slightly creamy texture, buttressed by firm acidity. Through the middle and back palate this begins to show some drier savoury elements, still a touch of chalk, but also red apple skin. Finishes quite long.

      Just beginning to mature and open up. Not absolutely what I’d expect from this cuvée at this point, but certainly from the same family. Should open up further in the next couple of years.
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  6. Does the producer have a view on the longevity of this cuvée, Mark?
    Are you saying this is more approachable than expected mark ?
    I’ve a couple of bottles of this vintage, should I try 1 or hold for longer ?
  7. ‘13 Comte Liger Belair NSG Clos des Grandes Vignes - A bottle bought from a small wine shop in Nagasaki few years back. Almost a crime that I got it for US$130!!! Very floral on the nose, not typical of NSG. Fine tannins and vibrant acidity, surprisingly approachable now with its excellent balance. Plenty of spices with hints of wet earth. Great showing today. I can drink this all day long if I can afford it. Bottle #913 out 2556.

  8. In what sense Tom? Do you mean in general, or this particular vintage?

    I haven’t really asked Rodolphe, but my experience is that the 96 has plateaued, the 98 is at the beginning of the decent, the 00 is on the plateau, so I’d draw the conclusion that it would normally be at peak somewhere around fifteen to twenty years post vintage and should run on ten or so years post that.
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  9. Simon,

    Yes it’s a little bit more approachable than the average vintage, but that’s not really surprising in some ways. The unusual thing for me in this vintage is that it has an extra weighty density that I wouldn’t normally expect to see.

    With a couple of bottles only, I’d hang on for a couple of years yet. It was showing me a bit of knee, not the full over the head experience....

    If you had half a dozen I’d ask you to give it a whirl and see if your opinion coincides with mine. Certainly no harm done, just a little raised eyebrow from me.

    The development usually goes -: wet chalky, mineral, dry and austere (not unlike a young Clare Riesling in fact), then pretty anonymous, and almost brothy (almost feels like it’s going to oxidise), then it shows little peeps of citrusy orange and firms up and gets somehow lighter in weight. Finally it shows citrusy, truffle cream and smoke. Don’t know after that.....

    So I’d put this one in phase three but with a surprising amount of weight (almost like a big house BdB like Comtes for example)
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  10. Great detail thanks Mark, that’s really helpful info, I’ll hold for a little longer on my 2010’s
  11. Cheers Richard.

    I've just seen some 2010 Pouget by Domaine Rapet for £250/6. Seems ok? Any knowledge of this wine?
  12. Remarkably fresh bottle of 02 fevre les clos this evening. Light gold colour, barely secondary development on the nose and palate. Hints of sea shell and lots of sweet fruit but definitely still on the austere side. Lovely bottle.
  13. 04881881-0759-4940-81D9-2251DF494374.jpeg

    Krug NV earlier this evening, a bottle that I was given around 8 years ago. Very fresh, quite mute on opening, but unfurled nicely over a couple of hours. A good bottle of champagne but I’m starting to think that perhaps Krug isn’t my thing.
  14. 2559330C-CF7A-4BB2-8355-4BBF00FDDDAE.jpeg

    Bouchard Montrachet 2000. At twenty years old this retains a youthful pale hue, it is very bright and has great clarity in the glass. This is one of the better bottles of this that I have had, quite subtle on the nose but it develops into something quite powerful and concentrated on the palate, I’m struggling for specific descriptors, but this is good.
  15. Ed,
    Post lockdown the queue to dine and drink with you will be way longer than anything we have witnessed at Waitrose!
  16. Ray, I doubt that I shall have any wine left!
  17. Whilst participating in Wink Lorch's webinar.
    • 2012 Domaine Macle Côtes du Jura - France, Jura, Côtes du Jura (25/04/2020)
      Buttercup; voile style, nutty, with nervosité, Savignin apparent; tell-tale oxidative yet with true freshness, palate mirrors palate. Plenty of tanginess on an expansive finish. Powerful. Lingering. . Archetypal. No doubt will age for a long, long time. (94 pts.)
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    I enjoyed this far more than previous bottle. Merits a decant. There appears to be two different labels for the same wine.
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  18. That sounds great. I don't think I've tried any Jura, but have the wine set for the presentation and looking forward to breaking my duck once the recording is posted (too busy with the kids yesterday but managed to catch up with the Madeira tasting once everyone was in bed!)
  19. A bottle of 02 vilmart coeur de cuvee last night to celebrate a very significant birthday for my wife. I found it very tight and unyielding throughout, in complete contrast to all the previous bottles I’ve tried. Fortunately, SWMBO loved it so all was right in the world.
  20. E0BA258B-C1EA-4C6F-9B05-6BD64002ADD0.jpeg

    Mid-gold, with a steady stream of fine bubbles. Initially quiet and thereafter more forthcoming on the nose. Completely mature and absolutely classic Blanc de Blancs bouquet of truffle, perhaps something of custard and pastry and maybe damp chalk. There’s nothing fruity here and nothing that can be pinned down, except to say that when you know this state of maturity you know it. No more than medium-bodied with a little density of texture and weight, the acidity certainly there but completely subsumed. A more more classic example of high class mature Cote de Blancs Chardonnay it would be difficult to imagine. Perfection in its way.
  21. I had been worried that the average cost of the bottles we were drinking was rising rather alarmingly.
    However I have found consolation. I have reminded myself that we, as the pampered types of Norf London, eat out far too often. So if we add in the cost of a modest bottle or two (Australian wife, hard to moderate these things) with a 200% mark up at least once a week to the overall tab, bingo, our spend has probably not increased. And her compulsory 'glass of bubbles' at the start of the meal often costs the same as recent auction purchases per bottle via the Gavelmeister. Phew. My conscience is now clear.
    P.s. I am not factoring the potential costs of cocktail fixings that have started to appear at home, for which I blame Don Reid.
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  22. I don't have an Australian wife. Although if one is costly I'm happy to adjust the man maths figures to make my wine spending look more reasonable
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  23. I have an English wife. Experience tells me that they can easily be more expensive than an Australian version, although I’d have to point out that the hybrid offspring are even more so.

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