Are we opening some better bottles as we approach lockdown?

Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Thom Blach, Mar 16, 2020.

  1. Looking on the bright side I think a period during which wine is not worth what it was is rapidly approaching, which should encourage us to open something splendid whenever the mood strikes. I have just opened a wonderful bottle of Pommard 1er cru 1995 from Michel Gaunoux. It has a quite gloriously quintessential burgundy twang on the nose and superb menthol, coffee, red fruit and proper tannin in the mouth. I always nowadays think of Richard Zambuni when drinking a lovely 95!
    (edit) All gone now. Absolutely wonderful in a way I could never have predicted from the first bottle in the case some eight years ago.
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  2. And I always think of you Tom. In better times, I'm going to get together with you and drink some 1995s and be proven wrong! I'm glad it's the real thing.
  3. Tom Cannavan

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    This is already in my plans, yes.
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  4. I just spent 8 weeks in bed following a cycling accident where I had multiple fractures of my pelvis only for the Spain to go into lockdown so yes, I am seriously thinking of opening some nice bottles.
  5. I was planning on having a dry week as I have a race on Saturday and then a blow out Sunday. I suspect that there may no longer be any reason abstinence so the cellar might be raided for something decent rather sooner.
  6. Proper top syrah tonight. Dumien-Serrette’s Cornas Vieilles Vignes 2000 is outstanding. There’s a gorgeously deep, dark nose with a splash of iodine for interest. The wine has a perfect texture, good length and really fine, melted tannins. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that this is the best 2000 Cornas I’ve had including Verset and Allemand.
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  7. No. Because they aren’t within reach!
  8. You need to send out for emergency supplies!
  9. Well I have 6x2019 Julian Haart Jay Jay Kabinett stuck in the post office 200 metres away. They won’t let me collect!
  10. Tom Cannavan

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    Sorry to hear that Jim. Hope you are on the mend.
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  11. Some older vintage renditions of the “fizzy monk”’ have been dragged into the light. I will start with a magnum of 82.
  12. Invested in a Coravin yesterday so hopefully a broad sampling of some of my nicer things. Never liked drinking good stuff on my own but these are extraordinary times.
  13. That's a hell of a start, Richard. Did you by chance run the Shrewsbury 10k at the weekend?
  14. For daily consumption, I normally buy younger wines to sample for my blog. But SF is now on lockdown, so I have no choice but to go to the cellar which has very little of what one would call daily drinkers. So covid-19 is going to force me to drink lots of older Chave, Chevillon, Clape, Pousse d'Or, Verset, Barthod, Allemand, Ponsot etc. that are on hand. C'est la vie.
  15. Add to the above -- I can't even invite friends over to share with me. :(
  16. Our trip to Bordeaux, starting next weekend, has been cancelled. We had been planning it for six months. We had lined up visits to Lafite, Mouton, Palmer, Montrose, VCC, La Fleur Petrus, Pichon Lalande (lunch) among others ...20 estates in total. The trip was organised by the mostly American Bordeaux Wine Enthusiasts. I have been an active member since 2001.

    We had dinner booked on Friday at Noizé for a group who were travelling via London. I have kept the reservation for a ‘Doomsday Offline’ the entry criteria being First Growth or equivalent claret, Grand Cru burgundy from reputed producers and Grand Marque champagne. I offered places to the Piccolino Bordeaux group first. We seem to have filled up.

    The 2020s have got off to an extraordinary start. Australia literally burnt to a cinder, we had catastrophic floods here, plagues of locusts in East Africa and Pakistan (unfortunately not in rural England) and now the corona virus plague. I liberated a lot of good wine from storage. If we are locked down for a long long time there are plenty of good bottles to consume.
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  17. That's the thing, Claude, I agree.

    All v annoying.

    Assuming I'm among those still standing I'm going to propose a Viral Survivor's Offline so Trompette or Glasshouse can benefit from our immunity. I hope.
  18. A shame, but I must admit to not being among those who can't enjoy a great bottle without company.
  19. Compromised in two ways yet still having to keep the shop open, I'll just hope for the best - I really should quarantine myself but I can't afford it. I no longer have any "fine wine" saved anyway so I guess I shouldn't care. So what are the chances of surviving if I must tempt fate and go to work? Fuck capitalism is my current mood.
  20. Fortunately, Linda is here. Also, I don't anticipate going to the Rousseau, Roumier, Dujac, and others of that group.
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  21. If it's to hand drink it, Claude, who knows what will happen next? the monetary value is vastly less, I suspect, than at the beginning of the year which should erase any reluctance on those grounds.
  22. We probably will do. But for this evening a nice modest Bordeaux L’Arosee 2005 went perfectly well with some leftover leg of lamb. Though maybe come the weekend we might dive into some of our stash of magnums. A 1996 Dujac CdlR springs to mind as a dinner companion par excellance.
  23. "I admit to being among those that can enjoy a great bottle without company" - If I have understood you correctly, I think this is the translation having removed double negatives? :)

    I don't think I would drink anything too special alone unless literally no choice...
  24. Started with an Ogier Cote Rotie 2001 tonight. Second bottle from the case and stricken with VA like the previous bottle and possibly low level Brett! Not an auspicious start. Cooking supper for some friends to celebrate a 60th birthday tomorrow which had to be moved from a pub for obvious reasons. Hoping for more vinous success tomorrow.
  25. Having been on holiday, this week is full on - I have worked from home for three years.
    This Friday evening, I will pull a couple of special bottles.

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