TN Are we also opening some cheap fun stuff during quarantine?

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  1. Millennial experience but I can't afford the better stuff so I'm stuck on cheap and cheerful stuff for quarantine - not that I can actually quarantine myself. Tonight I tried a grape I haven't knowingly tried before: Viosinho! So what fun cheap stuff are you drinking during the quarantine?

    Quinta de Ventozelo Viosinho 2018 - Douro DOC; 13,5% abv; 100% Viosinho; c.15€
    Viosinho is a supposedly high-acid white grape used in e.g. white Port to bring structure. This, however, is a dry white. It has pretty neutral aromas: melon and citrus. Rich and broad on the palate, decent acidity but certainly doesn't seem high to me. I'm probably spoiled by too much cool climate stuff so maybe this is actually high acidity for such a warm region white. It's balanced but neutral, but it's not as interestingly neutral as, say, Muscadet. Perfectly enjoyable, balanced, fun even. Buy again? Probably not. At 15€ there are more interesting wines in the moderately acidic and neutral style that I think are more fun. But it is always interesting to try new grape varieties.

  2. a modest 2015 Rovellotti Vespolina Colline Novaresi Ronco al Maso, from Ghemme in Piemonte tonight. Near the Lombardia border, so the lovely folk of the town been in my thoughts in recent days. This one quite friendly, fruity and approachable (albeit there are faint tannins and there is decent acidity), which might hit the mark for many (and it's perfectly decent), but I prefer the less obvious one from Mirù. The Mirù seems to shine with a decade on it, and to be fair to this wine, I reckon it might be a better drink in 5 years time for throwing off the sweet-fruited veneer.
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  3. Well tomorrow I’m going to pop an Ochota Barrels Pinot Meunier. Sounds interesting and fun. Wasn’t expensive from memory. Will see how I get on. Other fun recent arrivals are mainly South African headed by Liberator series and Blank Bottle.
    Have some quite exciting stuff arriving also tomorrow so will see.
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  4. Yup. Plenty of Foundry Grenache Blanc and Fontodi Chianti Classico have kept us company thus far. Glad we’ve a mixture of the everyday and some nice stuff.
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  5. As mentioned elsewhere we are trying to balance high end bottles with the Du Grappin bagnums which are excellent value for money and well made wines. There is a small discount on a mixed selection too at the moment which makes it even more sensible.
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  6. Pilsner Urquell for me
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  7. Domaine Lagneau Côte de Brouilly VV 2014 ticked every box. I have had the occasional miss (and too many corked bottles) from them in the past but these '14s have been reliably delicious.
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  8. Rustenburg sauvignon. Very good for what it is
  9. Some cheap but older wines meant for weekday drinking:

    Aciprestes & Folonari.jpg

    Neither were anything special but both offered an open bouquet and a fully resolved palate that went very well with dinner. I cannot think of a better wine to go with food than light to medium-bodied wines that take a back seat to food but at the same time compliment it. The Aciprestes had a bit more fruit and presence but the Folonari had a faded, savoury, dry, edge that went ever so well with our simmered turkey thighs and vegetable. One doesn't always need primo wines, inexpensive old and faded wines can really suit quarantine evenings in front of the telly.
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  10. Like others I am currently stuck on my own. Drinking grander bottles seem a waste, not least as I don't have really that many. And I love to share them most of all. Last night and tonight are two halves from the same 750ml of 2004 Caronne St Gemme Haut Medoc. Last night's was the best yet from the case. Utterly classic and all the better for it. Other half shortly...
  11. The 2000 was a college favourite of mine. Such a good steady reliable producer. Magnums were particularly good I seem to recall.
  12. Les Griffons de Pichon Baron 2017.
    Not a bad pair with cote de boeuf.
  13. Pepe Mendoza Casa Agricola 2017 (monastrell, Syrah, Alicante bouschet), Alicante

    Cellar cool, dark, quite firm but promising, v deep fruit, Spanish but restrained. About 10eur from a shop in Javea last year. Picked up a magnum too...
  14. I was told that the '04 Caronne St Gemme was pretty good but at the time the '05 was also available at pretty much the same price. I was lured by the vintage and opted for the 2005 but it seems I should have also got some of the 2004.
  15. Also available are the 5 litre bags normally supplied to the on trade.
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